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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Blizzard Champion Boss Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova Champion Blizzard Boss is a lightweight stable to overstable max distance driver. A lightweight Boss is the longest flying disc in the history of disc golf, it can handle the power you put into it. Blizzard discs have the same plastic as Champion, but with micro air bubbles in the rim to take away the weight. If your disc is 140 grams or fewer, it's going to float. Try holding it underwater and watching it pop back up!

The flight path of the Boss is straight with a long slow hyzer finish. It's a disc that has a domey top and will always hyzer out. If you're able to get lots of juice into your throw you may see some high speed turn, that's why many players prefer the blizzard plastic because at lighter weights it's easier to get up to speed and have a little extra turn and distance. The Boss has a wide rim and when thrown flat you can expect it to have a big sideways skip at the end of the flight, so make sure you hang it out a little wider than other distance drivers. The Boss handles the torque of forehand throws very well and is a great choice for backhand players. If you're throwing 350+ feet consistently it's time to try out a Boss.

Champion Blizzard plastic is a very durable and lightweight plastic from Innova. It's going to take a lot of tree hits to beat in your Blizzard Boss and it's going to keep the same overstable flight characteristics for a long time. This plastic is a great choice for people who love high speed molds but don't have high speed arms.

The Blizzard Boss will absolutely crush when you get it up to speed. It's that wide rim high speed disc meant for pure distance and a long stable hyzer finish. But it's easier to turn than a regular champ boss which is why players love it. Snag this disc and get the distance and fade you've been looking for.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

Blizzard Plastic

  • Champion plastic that is incorporated with thousands of microbubbles.
  • Premium plastic drivers ideal for high speeds.
  • Offers superior distance performance resulting in the current World Distance Record holder.
  • Available in weights down to 130 grams. Those under 140 grams are so light, they can float in water.