Grip EQ

GRIPeq© CS2 Compact Series Disc Golf Bag

The GRIPeq© CS2 Series Disc Golf Bag is a fantastic smaller sized Grip bag. It fits about 14 discs and then has a top compartment for your putters and approach discs. It's not as heavy as the other Grips like the B and A Series, but it's just as durable and will last you a long time.
They're made with YKK zippers, the best in the business. The back padding and shoulder straps are comfy and strong, so you can enjoy them for years. Side pouches give the CS2 a spot for all of your towels, snacks, and minis. There are zippered pockets perfect for your keys, wallet, and phone (should always go in a zippered pocket). If you're looking for a bag to carry a small amount of discs that's perfect for a touring pro or a weekend frolfing amateur you should give the CS2 serious consideration.
The best reason to get a Grip bag is to ask a Grip owner if there's another bag they'd prefer to have. For over a decade Grip has been producing some of the best bags in disc golf. They're amazing quality, lifetime warranty for defects, and excellent customer service make them a no brainer. Get a Grip CS2 and don't worry about needing a new bag for a long time.