Discraft Z Line Wasp Metallic 2021 Adam Hammes Tour Series Disc Golf Midrange

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The Discraft Z Line Wasp Metallic 2021 Adam Hammes Tour Series Disc Golf Midrange is a very overstable disc that's designed to have a long glide at the end of the flight. If you're looking to get around a dogleg this is absolutely a disc for you. There's a bead and the plastic is slightly flexible but it's great for backhand throwers or sidearm players. It has a flat top that almost feels concave. This disc is starting to get popular again and it might be the stamp or that everyone needs a good overstable mid in the bag.

The flight path of the Wasp is straight for about 33% of the flight, then it starts to fade for the next 33% and finally it really starts to fade hard at the end. When you're crushing this disc you can rely on it always coming back. That makes it ideal for soft flex shots and flat shots where you kind of want the disc to begin fading right away.

Z Plastic from Discraft is durable, translucent, and consistent. You can rely on the plastic to not chip when it hits trees or rocks. It's a great choice for an upshot disc like the Wasp because you'll be hitting metal with it occasionally as well.

This disc is the 2021 Tour Series disc for Adam Hammes, so some of the money you spend on the disc goes back to him to help Adam as he tours the US crushing discs. You get a beautiful disc and support a disc golfer at the same time. It's a win win.

Speed 5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability Rating 1.5

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros