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DGA Signature Line Blunt Gumbputt Putt & Approach Disc

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The DGA Signature Line Blunt Gumbputt is the floppiest putter on the market. It's soft and got lots of grip. You can throw this disc with perfect confidence that it's going to fly straight and stop wherever it hits.

The flight path of the Gumbputt is straight. It's so straight it's incredible! Taking your hyzer calculations out of the equation. Just throw the disc at the basket and watch it hit those chains. It's not great for distance, in fact it's best from 1-100 feet. The blunt edge makes accuracy, not distance the goal. This disc is designed to be thrown with a backhand throw and won't work as well with a forehand. It's often compared to the blowfly, but the Gumbputt is shorter and has a little bit deeper rim for you. This disc was invented by Steady Ed Headrick, the inventor of disc golf.

Signature plastic from DGA is very soft. It's floppy and yet still retains its shape well over time. It's durable, and perfectly sticky for catching the chains. On hot days it can get a little extra soft, but it's one of the best putters on cold days.

If you're interested in this disc you have to try it. Snag one of these today and improve your putting.


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