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Thought Space Athletics

TSA Nebula Ethereal Votum "Mind 2" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Votum Mind 2 is a stable disc golf fairway driver that's got high glide and an amazing stamp. It's mostly straight in the flight and at the end will hyzer out a little bit. The Votum is a great choice for forehand/sidearm throws and backhand shots. The stamp features the silhouette of a figure between two halves of a split face. The colorful swirls in the plastic give this disc will make you have to decide whether it belongs hanging on the wall or in your bag.

The flight path of the Votum is straight with almost no turn unless you throw it on a little bit of an anhyzer. It's stable enough so that it won't flip over except in headwinds. At the end of the flight it's a hyzer or fade finish, this just adds to the control though it's not going to hyzer out on you. Having a stable fairway driver is an important staple in every players arsenal, if you're looking for something that holds straight in the 150-325 foot range give the Votum a shot.

Ethereal plastic from ThoughtSpace Athletics or TSA is a durable blend that gives players a little more of a soft feel in the hand. It's a great choice for the Votum because you want something that will hold that stability when you hit a tree or two. It's got a metallic shimmer in the plastic for a very shiny effect.

The Votum is perfect for helping you navigate tight fairways, and it's excellent at medium distance shots. It's a driver that players of all skill levels can use and it's reliable wen you throw it. Try out the Votum and see why players are putting this in their bag.

Speed 8.5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Ethereal Plastic

  • Supreme Grip in all weather conditions
  • Less stable than other premium blends
  • A little more flex in the plastic