Thought Space Athletics

TSA Nebula Aura Synapse "Spark" Matt Bell Signature Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Nebula Aura Synapse Spark Matt Bell Signature disc is an overstable disc golf distance driver with a gorgeous stamp. Yes this is the exact disc that Matt Bell threw when he hit his $25,000 ace in the practice round for the 2022 Dynamic Discs Open. The stamp from ThoughtSpace Athletics features an impossible triangle, eyes, thunder clouds with lightning, Matt Bell's name, and plenty of other cool symbols. Thought Space Athletics continues to crush the stamp game on every single one of their discs.

The flight path of the Synapse is overstable. It's got plenty of glide, a little bit of high speed turn, and a long slow hyzer finish. It's a pretty typical path for a wide rim high speed driver that offers a blend of control with power. A big arm can throw the Synapse without worrying about it flipping over. But you'll still get that distance down the fairway as well. The Synapse performs well in a headwind or crosswind, in a tailwind you might consider throwing something less stable. If you're looking for something to fill the go to driver spot in your bag the Synapse is a strong candidate. It's a favorite of both forehand and backhand players alike.

Nebula Aura plastic is a premium blend of plastic. It's going to be full of incredible swirls and offer good grip. It takes a while for Aura to beat in, so you'll have that same flight path for a long time.

The Matt Bell Spark Synapse is something that you can throw reliably off the teepad when you need both distance and accuracy. But it's not just an awesome disc, it's also a way for you to support Matt Bell as he tours the US playing disc golf. Some of the money you spend on this disc goes back to him. You get a sweet driver and get to help out a fellow disc golfer. Snag one of these and see if you too can smash some aces. More