Thought Space Athletics

TSA Glow Praxis "Zoe AnDyke" Signature Series Disc Golf Putter

The Thought Space Athletics Glow Praxis is a disc golf putter and approach disc. With a flat top and no bead it's got a fairly shallow rim. This makes the disc easy to grab for smaller hands and gives it a straight flight with a little less glide but more stable finish. It's excellent for putts and is meant for approach shots 200 feet and in. Also, it glows in the dark so this disc is down to throw 24/7.

The flight path of the Praxis is very straight from inside the circle. You can aim at the basket and expect a slight hyzer finish with the outer wing tipped down. When thrown and not putt, the Praxis has a stable straight flight path. It can handle a little forehand torque but it's more about the backhand throwing. As a putter it's easy to flip over if you overpower the disc, but it's great at holding little anhyzers without becoming a roller. The Praxis is great for pinpoint accuracy with jump putts and is going to do the straight flight, hold, hyzer, get down flight every single time. Players of all skill levels love how reliable it is.

Glow plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend. It's got that durability you love mixed in with a little extra grip and it's a little more flexible. It's great not only for night time golf, it's great any time of the day.

The TSA Glow Praxis Rad is a straight flyer with a flat top and a little less glide. It's perfect for shorter throws and putts inside the circle. See why players love this stable disc in their bag. More