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TSA Animus Glow "Dagger" Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Glow Animus Dagger from Thought Space Athletics is a stable to overstable distance driver that features a beautiful dagger stamp. It's got a low profile but still has good glide, and is meant for players who are throwing 250' or more consistently. This disc is sure to feature well in your bag or on your wall. Bonus points, it glows in the dark!

The flight path of the Animus is a straight one for the first half, then it will turn a little and finally as it slows begin a long slow hyzer finish. This makes the Animus perfect for when you want to crush a disc for a good distance and still have it fade back reliably at the end. It has a consistent overstable end to the flight, so you can trust this disc in a headwind or on a little anhyzer. It's a great choice for forehand or backhand players who are experienced. The Animus excels when thrown in an open or wooded area since it doesn't swoop much from side to side. Enjoy a disc that you can trust.

Glow plastic from TSA is a premium blend that offers good durability. It's similar to Ethos, but it's a little more tacky and flexible which gives improved grip and less overstability. Charge this up with a flashlight and you're good to throw in the dark, or keep it in your bag in the daytime for a fantastic disc.

The Glow Animus Dagger is that smooth stable mix of control and distance. You're going to love it for those long drives where you want to land in a specific spot. It's made for high performance and may not be for the recreational player. Try out the Animus and see why so many people love how this disc flies.

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Glow Plastic

  • Solid durability
  • Excellent grip
  • Slight flex to the disc
  • Glows in the dark!