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MVP Disc Sports

MVP R2 Neutron Ion Disc Golf Putt & Approach

The MVP R2 Neutron Ion Disc Golf Putt & Approach is a stable to overstable putter. It's got the straight flight you're looking for with a little hook at the end of the flight. This disc is made from recycled plastic so it's going to have a white rim and a black disc. This is one of the most popular discs in the MVP lineup because it's consistent.

The flight path of the MVP Ion is going to be slightly overstable. You can throw this disc relatively hard without flipping it over. The 1.5 fade rating comes into play at the end of the flight where once it runs out of steam it's going to get down and a very gentle, soft, hyzer out. As a putter this disc is excellent for catching the chains and it's got a little bit of hyzer in the putt. So when you release it flat you'll still get some outer wing drop if you are putting outside 30 feet. The Ion is a little more stable than other discs like the Anode, so if it's a windy day or you need some more stability this is a great choice.

R2 Neutron plastic is a premium blend from MVP that has the added cool factor of being made from recycled plastic. It's got the same great feel, the durability you count on, and it's more environmentally friendly. It does only come in black, but it's still excellent. The R2 plastic is up to the task of replacing your Neutron plastic putters if you like.

If you want a putter that you can putt with, rely on for stable upshots, and is recycled, you've found it!

Try the MVP R2 Neutron Ion and you won't be disappointed.

Speed 2.5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1.5

R2 Neutron Plastic

  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Will be black disc, white rim.
  • Same feel as Neutron plastic.