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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Neutron Resistor Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The MVP Neutron Resistor Disc Golf Fairway Driver is an overstable low speed disc that offers players a unique shot. It's a great choice in the wind or woods.

The flight path of the Resistor is straight with a hard hyzer at the end of the flight. You won't be flipping this disc over when thrown, even if you release it on an anny. The Resistor exists to be your long distance approach disc, or to get you out of a tricky situation. It's going to be like a longer Discraft Zone or Innova Pig. It's got a low glide and a flat top so feel free to rip it. The Resistor will be a great choice when you're just out of approach range but still want a look at the basket. It's a good forehand disc and excellent backhand choice. You can throw it off the tee on short holes or when you're just looking for a shot placement off the tee. While you won't use this disc on every hole, when you need it you need it. That's what makes this an excellent utility mid range to bag.

Neutron plastic from MVP is a premium blend. That means you get excellent durability at a slightly higher price than baseline plastic. You can throw this disc into rocks and still expect it to resist turning over years down the road. You'll definitely want this disc in a durable blend because you are throwing it fairly hard and in the woods. Neutron is chosen by amateur players and world champions for how reliable and consistent the blend is, and it's available in a large variety of weights and colors.

The Resistor from MVP is a great choice for players who want an overstable disc that doesn't need to be crushed to work. It's sidearm and backhand friendly, and you can control the distance well up to about 300 feet. Try one today and see how your scores drop.

Speed 6.5 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3.5

Neutron Plastic

  • Premium plastic from MVP premium cost.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Takes time to beat in.
  • The choice of pro players for consistency.