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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Neutron Relativity Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Neutron Relativity Disc Golf Distance Driver is a very high speed understable distance driver. You'll be able to execute soaring turnover shots that will take your discs places you thought was impossible. This disc is designed with the advanced player in mind.

The flight path of the Relativity is straight at the beginning and then it will start to flip and turn over for most of the flight. It does take some power to get this disc going, so make sure you're throwing it with the intent of it traveling over 325 feet. It has enough stability to stop it from rolling over and becoming a roller. It's very glidey, so make sure that you're putting power into this disc, not anhyzer to carry it over. You'll find that if you need your backhand or forehand to fly the opposite way of normal the Relativity is a great choice. It's a disc that is made for the field with its speed, but can be thrown in wooded areas and shot shape as well.

Neutron plastic from MVP is a premium blend that offers players great grip and durability at an affordable price. You'll be throwing the Relativity for years to come, so it makes sense to have it in a good blend of plastic. It's already going to be understable with needing to be beat in, so your first few throws should be turning.

Try the Neutron Relativity for a great disc that can turn and glide for you to give you better distance on a tough shot angle. These discs are flippy from day 1!

Speed 14.5 | Glide 5.5 | Turn -3 | Fade 1.5

Neutron Plastic

  • Premium plastic from MVP premium cost.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Takes time to beat in.
  • The choice of pro players for consistency.