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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Fission Wave Special Edition Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Fission Wave Special Edition Disc Golf Distance Driver is a stable to understable disc that offers players with big arms a chance to get max distance. It can be a go to driver in many situations and will handle the torque of forehand and the power of backhand. The stamp is limited edition so get it now while you can.

The flight path of the Wave is straight, then a quick turn in the flight and a slow flex back to hyzering out. You'll throw this disc well if you're hitting 325+ feet regularly. The Wave can be thrown in the woods, but it really excels in more open areas where it has time to fully flex out and get you that max distance. This disc can hyzer flip so you'll be in luck if you're looking for a disc that can do more than one thing. The Wave may become your go to driver as it's stable enough to be reliable and still get you great distance. The glide rating of 5 is pretty spot on, you can rely on a good forward push with this disc. As this disc in in Fission plastic you can expect a little extra distance compared to other Waves in other plastics.

Fission plastic from MVP is their premium lightweight blend. It's similar in durability to Neutron and Photon plastic, but with micro air bubbles in the mold that help it weigh less. These discs are perfect for getting that little bit of extra distance and work well in tailwinds or on calm days. There is still a gyroscopic effect that will provide the Wave with extra stability so you won't have to worry about flipping this disc over easily.

If you're looking for a fast driver that can handle your gliding needs then the Wave is for you. It's perfect for forehand players and backhand players, it offers lots of distance, and it's made in a premium plastic so you can rely on it for years. Snag one of these limited edition stamped discs today!

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Fission Plastic

  • Lightweight plastic with micro bubbles.
  • Durable and premium blend.
  • Comes in weights as low as 135g.
  • Tends to be less stable than other premium blends.