Max Disctance CF20 Max Stick Retriever Disc Golf Bag Essential

Max Disctance CF20 Max Stick Retriever Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

Step into the world of effortless disc retrieval with the innovative Max Stick CF20, a disc golf bag essential that's redefining the game. Imagine having a reliable companion on the course, one that stretches an incredible 20 feet in length, ensuring that no disc remains out of reach. This isn't just any retriever; it's a game-changer, crafted from premium carbon fiber, which is not only lightweight but also remarkably strong.

The magic of the Max Stick CF20 lies in its meticulously designed carbon fiber telescopic pole, combined with the unique Max Disctance suction cup at its end. This dynamic duo works seamlessly to clutch onto discs, whether they're lurking under the water or nestled in hard-to-reach spots. The pole's strength and flexibility mean you're wielding one of the most robust retrievers out there, ready to tackle any challenge the course throws your way.

And it's not just about strength; convenience is key. The Max Stick CF20 features a practical locking mechanism, ensuring everything stays securely in place when you're on the move. This 20-foot version, a testament to innovation in disc golf accessories, is backed by a limited warranty covering pole defects like delamination or fraying, as well as quick connect, plastic parts, and the ball.

The team at Max Disctance has poured their heart and soul into making disc retrieval as hassle-free as possible. Their vision was clear: create a solution that turns the frustration of lost discs into a distant memory. And they've delivered, offering a range of options to suit every disc golfer's needs. Whether you're after just the attachment or you're eyeing the compact 10ft model, Max Disctance has you covered. They even offer upgrade kits for the 16.5ft carbon fiber poles.

In a world where stainless steel poles are often seen as flimsy or disposable, Max Disctance sets a new standard with their carbon fiber poles. These aren't just tools; they're investments in your disc golf journey, designed to be repaired, not replaced, breaking the cycle of constant replacement.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, the Max Stick CF20 is more than just a retriever; it's a statement. A statement that says you value quality, innovation, and most importantly, the joy of the game.

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