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Innova Star Thunderbird 2022 Jeremy Koling Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The 2022 Jeremy Koling Thunderbird is here! This star plastic overstable distance driver is perfect for being your go to driver. It's a great choice for the forehand or backhand throws and has virtually no turn in the flight until you beat it in for a while. The stamp features the word "Thunderbird" in letters formed from some crazy ways. The "T" made from a lightning bolt and the "N" made from a bird and trees is exceptionally cool. This disc is designed for players who have the ability to regularly throw a 300+ foot shot.

The flight path of the Thunderbird is going to be straight for as long as it has power and then a long strong fade when it slows down. You can rely on this disc go always fade and that makes it perfect when you're looking for control instead of max distance. Try throwing the Thunderbird even in heavy headwinds and you're going to get that fade you need. It's got lots of glide as well, so the finish will be long and slow. If you want something that's straighter and longer than the Firebird it's a great option.

Star plastic is a premium blend from Innova that offers disc golfers great flex in the disc, super grip, and durability to last for years. It's a nice choice for the Thunderbird because you want something that's going to keep its stable/overstable flight characteristics for years to come.

This 2022 Big Jerm Thunderbird isn't just awesome because it has a predictable flight that you can trust. Or because it's excellent for the flicks and backhands alike. It's also a way to support Big Jerm as he tours the US playing disc golf and commentating for JomezPro. Some of the money goes back to him. Get yourself an amazing disc and help out another disc golfer at the same time. More