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Innova Disc Golf

Innova DX Ape Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova DX Ape is one of the most overstable discs the company offers. It's a must have for headwinds and for navigating to one side of the fairway or the other. As a 13 speed driver it's going to take lots of muscle to get this disc to go where it belongs. An Ape should be thrown by players who have some experience and distance control.

The flight path of the DX Ape is going to be consistent when thrown flat, no matter the wind. The Ape has a 0 turn meaning it's not going to flip on you, and the 4 fade is powerful and the disc will start fading as soon as it loses any power. The Ape isn't designed for big distance, many players will use this for more controlled shots. It's great as a sidearm or backhand disc when you have to avoid an obstacle. It's great for a little flex shot as well. It can be thrown on anhyzer and will flip quickly. The Ape also boasts a glide of 5, so it will keep fading and fading. Throw flat with lots of power and be sure that you'll carry well around a dogleg.

DX plastic does tend to beat in quicker than most other plastics from Innova. That's one reason the price is low, don't worry about the Ape breaking down on you though. It will remain overstable for a very long time. The disc comes in many different weights, so try out a 175 if you really want to fight the wind the whole way. Or get a 150 gram Ape so that you get more distance and still have that overstable finish you're looking for.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

DX Plastic

  • Most affordably priced plastic line.
  • Offers remarkable grip in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Breaks in over time creating various flight attributes.
  • Available in the widest range of disc models and weights.