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Innova Champion Destroyer VTX Mech Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova VTX Mech Champion Destroyer is a perfect blend of raw power in a disc and control. You'll be able to mash these discs on long throws and still have that touch of fade. The stamp is a Marm O. Set and features a 5 blades extending from the center. It looks sharp as you spin it on your fingers and because of the see through nature of champion plastic it looks amazing flying through the air. Look closely for the flight numbers on the side of a blade. This run is slightly domey compared to other champion Destroyers.

The flight path of the Destroyer is going to have a little bit of high speed turn lots of forward glide, and then a slow hyzer finish. The Destroyer does have a wide rim, so it may be tough to grab if you have small hands. It's the choice of pro golfers for both sidearm and backhand shots because it can handle lots of power without flipping over. The Destroyer came out in 2004 and has been the premier distance driver for professional players ever since. It's stable to overstable even in headwinds. If you're able to hit 350 feet consistently with your drive it's time to step up to the Destroyer.

Champion plastic from Innova is their most durable and overstable premium blend. It's got incredible longevity and you can be throwing this disc for years to come. It's easy to grip and doesn't become floppy on warm days.

If you're looking for something to forehand or backhand and want lots of distance with fade at the end, get this disc. It's an incredible stamp and is a popular disc because it works. Snag a Destroyer and see how it lives up to the hype after every one of your throws. More