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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Blizzard Champion Wraith Disc Golf Distance Driver

If you're looking for a lightweight version of one of the most popular discs on the planet then check out the Innova Blizzard Champion Wraith. It's got a similar flight pattern but is perfect if you're looking for a disc that doesn't require as much power to get up to that 11 speed. It will also float if it's below 140 grams.

The Wraith is a controlled distance driver. As an 11 speed it does take an advanced players throwing arm. However because of the low weight (130-155 grams) that Blizzard plastic provides it can be used by almost anyone. The flight path of a Wraith is going to be early turn in the flight. If you're throwing a forehand it will flip up and turn quickly. Then the disc will come back and glide forwards before it starts to fade. At -1 turn and 3 fade it's a reliable disc that will do the same thing over and over.

Blizzard plastic is a form of champion plastic from Innova. It's got micro bubbles in it though, to lighten the disc while maintaining the structural integrity of the disc. You get the same durable plastic that's perfect for players who want lighter weights. The one disadvantage to this plastic is that it's more susceptible to wind. 

Do you want a disc that can give you amazing distance? Something that is available at a great price? Then stop looking and start figuring out which color Blizzard Wraith you're going to get.

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

Blizzard Plastic

  • Champion plastic that is incorporated with thousands of microbubbles.
  • Premium plastic drivers ideal for high speeds.
  • Offers superior distance performance resulting in the current World Distance Record holder.
  • Available in weights down to 130 grams. Those under 140 grams are so light, they can float in water.