Discraft Z Line Glo Banger GT 2022 Ledgestone Disc Golf Putter

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The Discraft Z Line Glo Banger GT 2022 Ledgestone disc golf disc is a putt and approach disc with a bead and a thumbtrac. It's primary function is as a straight putter but it can also be a stable to understable approach disc as well. This is a sweet disc with a cool stamp saying the name and plastic, and it will be great for those glow in the dark rounds as well.

The flight path of the Banger GT is straight when used as your putter. It won't have much hyzer at the end of the flight when released flat, so when you're putting make sure to aim straight at the pole with this disc. As a throwing putter it's very straight and has high glide potential. If you're looking for something that holds a straight line from 5-150 feet the Banger GT is a fantastic choice. It's not going to hyzer out when you throw it on an anny, this disc will hold the line it's put on. It's a favorite of Team Discraft pro Michael Johansen, often referred to as the Woods Wizard. This disc is going to help you draw a lot of chains and help you get through narrow gaps. It will ride the wind, so make sure you don't throw it on super windy days. Thrown with moderate power and confidence, you won't be flipping this disc over.

Z Line plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's very durable and is going to keep that same straight flight path for years. This is also Glo plastic, which gives it additional tackiness and grip. You'll find that this disc glows in the dark well and offers a slightly less overstable flight right out of the box compared to Z line.

This isn't just a straight flying putter that's great for short or long range putts. It's also the 2022 Ledgestone Open limited edition stamp. Some of the money you spend on this disc will make its way to support that tournament. You get a great limited edition stamped disc and you can support disc golfers at the same time. Snag one of these discs today and see why people love the Banger GT.

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating 1.0

Z Glo Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros
  • Glows in the dark