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Discraft Putter Line Soft Roach Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft Putter Line Soft Roach Disc Golf Putter is a floppy disc that is perfect for sniping chains with. As a thrower it's good for slow turnovers but you're going to love this disc inside 100 feet for its chain banging potential. It's beadless and the top is flat to a slight puddle top.
The Roach was originally the 2015 Ace Race disc, so it was designed to hunt chains from short distances. If you're looking to throw this as an approach disc it's very glidey and has a very neutral flight. You can expect it to hold whatever line you put it on whether that's hyzer, flat, or anhyzer. The Roach will carry and is accurate within up to 200 feet. As a putting putter it's that solid combination of high glide and a little stability at the end of the flight. Aim straight for the basket and you don't have to move where you're aiming to the side very much at all. This is an excellent choice for players of all skill levels from beginner to touring pro.
Putter line plastic from Discraft was made specifically for putters to be soft. It offers the best grip possible and those little dings you get from hitting metal will only increase your grip on the disc and improve your chain catching chances. This plastic varies a little but it's generally soft and feels like a jawbreaker plastic that's been left in your car on a summer day. In the cold weather this plastic is perfect for not getting overstable.
The Roach is made to be your putting putter. Inside 100 foot range of the basket it's quite good at snagging chains. As an approach disc it's a great control choice for all your high glide needs. Snag this disc and be shocked at how superb your shots are.

Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating 0.0

Putter Plastic

  • Soft for extra grip
  • Beats in to catch chains
  • Least expensive blend