Discraft ESP Buzzz SS 2022 Tim Barham Tour Series Disc Golf Mid-Range

The 2022 Tim Barham Buzzz SS in the ESP plastic from Discraft is an understable mid that's going to help you lower your disc golf scores. It takes such little power to throw and helps develop touch in both the forehand and backhand game. The stamp features a triangle and a grid pattern with Tim Barham's name and his initials logo as well.

The flight path of the Buzzz SS is going to be slightly understable and it will hold that line for most of the flight before panning out to flat. If you're struggling to throw a forehand this is a great choice because you can have a similar flight path with your backhand. If you do choose to throw the Buzzz SS on a sidearm it's touchy but highly rewarding. Throw short flip up hyzers that carry straight for most of the flight. The Buzzz SS is a great choice for beginner players who want something with low speed turn. For experienced players it's a great shot shaper from 50-200 feet and can get you out of some very tight spots.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It offers players good grip and durability, ESP doesn't change flight characteristics unless you hit plenty of trees. It's what the pros on Team Discraft throw every week on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and it's what you can throw as well.

The 2022 Tim Barham Tour Series Buzzz SS is built for hyzer angle control. Learn with it and start hitting your gaps with accuracy. But it's more than just a perfect midrange, it's also a great way to support Tim as he tours the US playing disc golf. You get a sweet mid range and you can help out a disc golfer too! Snag one of these today and get your hyzer flip game on point. More