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Discmania S-Line P2 w. SDG Logo Disc Golf Putter

The Discmania S-Line P2 w. SDG Logo Disc Golf Putter is something we're especially happy about here at Sabattus Disc Golf. This putt and approach disc is going to revolutionize your game. It's one of the most popular molds in the game for a reason.

Why should you throw the P2? Because it's reliable and durable. This disc can be thrown with confidence that it won't flip over on you even in the wind. It's got a deep rim that's comfortable for backhand throwers to really grip tight. The flight path of the P2 is going to be straight, then a quick drop before it fades out slowly. That's what makes this disc so special, you know time after time what it's going to do before you release it. It will have good glide and fade if you throw it nose up. The P2 will be an excellent driving putter in the S-Line plastic. You can use it for putting, but it's designed to be thrown off the tee or as an upshot disc.

S-Line plastic is durable and has great grippy feel to it. When this disc inevitably hits a tree or rocks those chains you don't have to worry about a ding in the rim. This plastic is thrown by Sky Team Discmania members like Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon and they trust it for their shots.

If you're looking for a comparison disc, the P2 is similar to the Aviar but the P2 is the more overstable of the two discs. The price for the S-Line P2 is a little more expensive than the D-Line plastic because it's longer lasting.

Do you want an amazing approach disc with a great stamp to show your love of Sabattus Disc Golf? Look no further the S-Line P2 is the disc for you.

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

S-Line Plastic

  • Excellent all weather grip.
  • Extra tough durability that can take a beating.
  • Recommended plastic for drivers.
  • Ages well, holding flight characteristics over time.

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