Discmania Evolution Neo Origin Disc Golf Midrange

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The Discmania Evolution Neo Origin Disc Golf Midrange is an understable high glide midrange that offers lots of shot shaping ability and distance. It's a great choice for slower arm speed players and folks who want something that can turn for them.

The flight path of the Discmania Origin when released flat will be a fair amount of early turn and then the disc will come back to flat and glide, finally a long slow fade at the end of the flight. This disc is super glidey, it only wants to ride on the wind. You'll get lots of long flights from this disc, and you can try them out on anhyzer or hyzer as well. The Origin does great at holding a long slow anny that pans out instead of fading. The Origin is a great choice for any time you need distance and a long slow shot. If you're looking for it to hold a turn or fade it can do that for you. It flies pretty true to the numbers but is a hair more understable than -1 and the glide is longer than you think.

Neo plastic from Discmania is a premium blend that's durable and grippy. This is considered to be the most overstable blend that Discmania offers. It's a fantastic choice for the Origin because you are going to be throwing this disc in the woods trying to get it to carry. It's going to clip branches and rocks and roots.

You'll want an Origin in your bag because it's great at holding lines, can glide, and can be thrown by players of any skill level. At Sabattus Disc Golf we work to keep the price low because we know you're going to throw discs like these. Snag one today!

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

Neo Plastic

  • Plastic that is semi-translucent.
  • Premium plastic designed solely with the player in mind.
  • Rigid enough to hold up in all temperatures.
  • Has enough flex to provide a comfortable grip.