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Discmania Evolution Neo Essence Disc Golf Fairway Driver

The Discmania Evolution Neo Essence Disc Golf Fairway Driver is a slightly understable disc with lots of glide. You'll find yourself using the Essence anywhere from 150-350 feet for its long glidey shot potential.

The flight path of the Essence has lots of early turn and a long glide forward, then a slow long fade at the end of the flight. The Essence thrives when it's thrown with some time to make its move, it's a great woods disc when you need early turn but still need lots of distance to carry. As an 8 speed it's a disc that beginners can throw and advanced players will be able to keep straight or have a turnover disc in their bag. The Essence benefits greatly from hyzer flip and can be thrown with either a forehand or backhand shot.

Neo plastic is from the Discmania Evolution line. It feels like a blend between S-Line and C-Line plastic. It's got the grip you like from S-Line but it has a little more stability and is a little more see through like C line plastic. It's very durable and is going to last you a long time no matter if you're hitting chains, fieldwork, or trees with it.

The Neo Essence from Discmania is a great choice for players of all skill levels. It's got early turn, high glide, and enough stability so that you won't turn it over into a roller. This is a must bag disc if you play anywhere with trees.

Speed 8 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 1

Neo Plastic

  • Plastic that is semi-translucent.
  • Premium plastic designed solely with the player in mind.
  • Rigid enough to hold up in all temperatures.
  • Has enough flex to provide a comfortable grip.