Why You should Shop With SDG

Route is automatically applied to all orders from $25.00 - $100.00 on us for added value and peace of mind.*

 Photos Of The actual Discs

We take the time to inspect each disc for any imperfections making sure you receive the best whether you are adding to your wall collection or throwing out on the course. Once each disc has been inspected and received, each disc is then photographed individually allowing you to see the stamp and color before selecting. Discs that are the same color and stamp are grouped together with 1 photo, all other are photographed individually. We know how important weight and color is to disc golfers so we then label each disc at the top of the images so you know which disc to select in the dropdown by weight and color.

Please note some discs may vary in color depending on the devise you are using.


Tired Of Bent Discs In Your Mailbox? We have the solution...

Have you ever experienced placing an order and waiting for the package to arrive only to be disappointed because it was shipped in a mailer and the mail carrier bent it into the mailbox. 

We offer competitive shipping rates and make sure this will not happen to you. All discs will ship in a box with added Route protection* and tissue paper with each package to protect the surface from scratches. This is not only better for you, also for the planet since to be recycled. 

Your Purchase Has A Bigger Purpose 

Each time you make a purchase with us we are always giving back to the sport. We help grow the sport by donating the unclaimed lost and found discs. Money made from each order is given back to to the sport with course improvements, development of a new course coming, and educating new players everyday.