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Plastics We Carry


Innova Star: 

Star is one of the premium plastics from Innova disc golf.  Star is incredibly durable and the choice for many professionals due to its consistent flight and how exceptionally grippy it is in all weather situations.  There's a reason that the top sponsorship for Innova pro players is called the "Star Team." Star doesn't warp in warm weather, and in cold weather maintains its shape even after hitting a tree.  It's durability is unquestioned.  Star plastic is similar to champion but when the discs are brand new there's a slight difference, star will be less overstable and will beat in more quickly than champion. This process of beating a disc in is useful for developing turn on a disc.  If you're looking to stretch out a driver from overstable to a flex driver for maximum distance then use star plastic and you'll see a change more quickly than with champion.  Almost all of Innova's disc golf molds are offered in the star plastic line, from putters to mid ranges, and drivers.  Purchasing star plastic is an investment in your disc and your game.  Since it's more durable and grippy than dx it will last longer and you'll become more comfortable with your disc over time.  This offers you more chances with the same level of broken in-ness.  A dx disc will change its flight pattern more quickly than any other.  Star will allow you to have the same flight for a long time.  Star also has more stamp options than other disc, many of the touring professionals choose star as their plastic for their signature disc because of its durability and popularity.  If you're looking to dye a disc, star is the best option that Innova provides.  The plastic holds dyes well and can be tailored to whatever you'd like to have on the disc.  With it's availability in almost every mold, weight, and color, star plastic is versatile, functional, and a choice for regular Joe's and the top pros.

Innova GStar:

Innova GStar Plastic is a very grippy and flexible plastic. It's like an already beat in star or champion disc. When you buy it off the rack it will already be slightly less stable than other disc plastics in the same mold. The gummy nature of GStar doesn't affect the durability though, it's soft but it doesn't break. It's similar to other premium plastics such as star or champion. Grip is key with all discs, GStar is tacky and grippy. The disc has a unique sheen to it, it's bright and shiny no matter the colors.

  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics

  • Looks amazing

Innova Champion:

Champion plastic discs are high quality, durable, and maintain their original flight characteristics for a long time. Champion plastic tends to be more overstable than DX or Star, it's less flexible in the hand than pro plastic and many players like that rigid feel. Innova loves their plastic so much they have named a team after it! It's not just for pros though, players of every skill level can bag some champion plastic.

 • Firmness suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players  

• Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics

Innova Blizzard Champion:

Innova Blizzard Champion plastic is an incredible blend of premium champion plastic and air. There are micro bubbles in the rim that maintain the durability of the disc but reduce the weight significantly. Discs under 135g will float in the water, even if you hold them down they'll bob back up. This plastic is available in a number of driver models but not in putter or mid ranges at the moment.

Why would you want to throw a lower weight? It offers players who struggle with high weights a chance for extra distance. It also offers players with great distance a chance at even more distance. The world record distance disc weighed 154 grams and was thrown with a tailwind, so even pros use the light discs for that max distance. The low weight allowed the disc to get up to speed in the wind and be carried through most of the flight.

Blizzard champion discs are made for the average or pro player who needs a little extra distance. The downside to these discs are that they can sometimes be less stable, and are far more susceptible to gusts of wind. A 140g driver weighs 20% less than a 175g driver and it will be affected by the wind even more so. Light discs are great for calm days, or when you have a tailwind. They can stay in the bag if you have a headwind or strong cross breeze.

The quality and characteristics of the discs are still the same. It's got the grip you love, you won't feel the bubbles. It has the same rim width and depth, and the flight path will be the same no matter the weight. Buy a blizzard champion disc from Innova today and improve your disc golf distance!


  • High quality plastic which provides superior durability and reliable performance  

  • Firmness suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players  

  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics

Innova Nexus:

Innova Nexus Plastic was created to fill a gap in the plastic lineup. It's a stiffer and grippier plastic that's more durable than DX, stiffer than XT, and grippier than Star.

It works very well for putters because Nexus plastic has a little bit of extra grip you can apply. Whether it's hot or cold, the Nexus plastic is up to the challenge. This blend of plastic costs more because it's more versatile and will last longer than baseline plastics. A disc in Nexus will be great to throw any time of year as well. Since it's still stiff up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit it's okay even if it sits for a minute on the blacktop OB while you walk to it.

This plastic was designed for the Firefly, Innova Team Captain Nate Sexton's signature putter. It has been very popular and used in other molds like the Aviar and the Animal as well.

Nexus is a great choice for people who like a stiffer putter, something that lasts for a long time, and one that offers your discs superior grip. Click on any of the discs in this collection to find out more about the disc and flight path.

Innova XT:

Innova XT plastic is similar to DX plastic in feel but far more durable. The chalky grip is similar to R-Pro or KC Pro plastic and when comparing the stiffness it fits right in between those. Originally it was made for the Nova and Atlas which are both overmold discs. However the plastic proved to be popular and has since expanded to include the molds such as Aviar3, AviarX3, Dart, Mako3, Bullfrog, Colt, Whale, and Aviar as well!

What makes XT plastic special and different is the level of grip and the durability. You're going to find that the grip will be similar no matter the weather conditions. XT doesn't care if it's snow or rain or sunny, it will be steady to hold. The disc can take many tree and rock hits without taking too much damage as well. This can increase the price to a little bit more than DX, but not as expensive as premium plastics such as star or champion.

Players will also find the stiffness to be a big reason to buy their discs in XT plastic. If you're looking for a new plastic to try and improve your golf game, give XT a try. Currently it's only offered in mid range and putter models.


  • Firm and durable

  • Amazing all weather grip

  • Affordable and great value

Innova Pro/R-Pro:

Pro plastic is the favorite putter and midrange plastic of many pros who would also like to be world champions.

R-Pro line is softer than most Pro blends. R-Pro discs have the best all-condition grip and an improved feel. R-Pro has great flexibility which makes it the best choice for putt & approach in cold/wet weather.

Pro Benefits:

  • Provides an improved grip over our Champion line plastic  

  • More durable and retains flight characteristics longer than our DX or R-Pro lines  

  • More economic than our Champion or Star line Plastic   Increased glide

R-Pro Benefits:

  • Provides a terrific soft all weather  

  • The grip improves with use  

  • More durable and retains flight characteristics longer than our DX plastic  

  • More economic than our Champion or Star line plastic

KC Pro Benefits:

  • KC Pro is a stiffer version of Pro plastic designed for the champ 12x Ken      Climo himself!

  • Players often prefer this stiff plastic because it never gets floppy even in warm weather or after years of use.

  • This plastic is associated with Roc's and Aviars mostly.

JK Pro Benefits:

  • It's soft in the hand right off the rack. 5x World Champ Juliana Korver wanted a plastic that she didn't have to break in to get it soft.

  • Players who want discs that have more turn initially or to fly like broken in discs will love JK Pro plastic. 

Innova DX:

DX is the original plastic from Innova Champion Discs. Almost every mold of disc is available in this base plastic. One of the reasons players love DX so much is the price, it's super affordable. You'll find from our selection on our site, it's about half the cost of star or champion plastic from Innova. This plastic differs from regular frisbee plastic because it's more grippy and made specifically for disc golf. There is a wide array of colors and weights to choose from. DX can be as light as 130 grams and as heavy as 200g (for superdiscs).

Innova DX plastic beats in quickly, that's one of the reasons that pro and amateur players love it. A putter is best for putting when it has either 0 chips in it, or when it has hundreds. Hitting chains, rocks, or anything else with DX will put a small ding in the disc.  This is called seasoning, and you want to have a seasoned putter or two in your bag. It's useful because it provides a much better grip when you're putting. It can last for over a decade if the disc is a slower speed.

A midrange or a driver in DX plastic won't be as overstable as it is in other plastics. This allows players to have different discs for different lines. Discs that are DX will have significantly more turn and be understable. It's important to have a good mix of understable and overstable discs in your bag so you can be prepared for any shot you encounter.


Discmania S-Line:

Discmania S-Line plastic is one of the most popular plastics in the disc golf game. It's got premium durability, it's relatively low price, and it is consistent every time you throw it. This plastic blend is exceptional for grip, and is used by many pro and amateur players. It's not as stiff as C-Line, or as soft as G-Line it's right in the middle and it's still durable so don't worry about smashing trees with these discs.

S-Line provides a great feel and is available in a bigger variety of weights than C-Line. It can be low or max weight for almost any mold of Discmania disc. The S-Line plastic will maintain the same flight characteristics for awhile, it takes some beating before discs in this line start to get flippy. They play well in all weather conditions and players will love throwing something as reliable as S-Line plastic.

What are you waiting for? Get your S-Line discs today!

Discmania C-Line:

Discmania C-Line plastic is a premium plastic for disc golf discs. This plastic blend is notable for its extreme durability and great grip. When you hit a stone, metal, or tree with a disc in C-Line you'll find that there won't be gouges in your disc thanks to the hard plastic. One way that C-Line differs from other plastics is that it's translucent.

These discs are about twice the price of D-Line plastic discs but you get what you pay for with the C-Line. These discs hold the flight characteristics longer, meaning that they won't beat in as quickly and turn understable. The feel of C-Line is grippy and firm, when you press your thumb into a disc expect it to be stiff in the hand, and have little give. The C-Line disc is perfect in all weather conditions, it doesn't get floppy in the sun the way some other plastics do and it can easily be dried in rainy conditions.

Discs in the C-Line are going to be a little heavier weights than other plastics just because of the durable and heavy nature of the plastic. C-Line doesn't affect the glide of any mold but it can affect stability. C-Line is the most overstable plastic offered by Discmania, so S-Line and D-Line will both have slightly less fade and typically more turn.

You're going to live your C-Line discs no matter if they're putters, mids, or drivers. Players of all skill levels will benefit from having a C-Line disc in their bag.

Discmania D-Line:

The D-Line plastic is the base line plastic from Discmania. This plastic is the lowest in price because it does break in quickly and while the least durable, will still last a long time.

This collection includes putters, mids, and drivers because they're all great in D-Line plastic. Generally players of all skill levels will throw a D-Line putter as their putting putter, the small scuffs make the disc easier to hold and it's cost effective if you want to buy a bunch of them for practicing.

Another reason that players have D-Line discs in their bag is the grip and the beat in flight. When a disc beats in it becomes less stable, these discs can be manipulated to have different flight characteristics and become understable or flippy. The feel of a beat in D-Line disc is amazing in the hand. Typically after being thrown for a while the D-Line becomes soft in the hand. These discs vary the most in weight and can be as low as 140 grams and up to 180 grams for some molds.

Getting a D-Line disc is buying a great disc no matter the conditions, these work in the winter, or rain, and players will love the understable disc in the bag. Go get yourself an awesome disc today!

Discmania Evolution Collection:

Discmania Evolution plastic is a new product line that's seeking to push disc golf technology forward. For years we've had C,D,G,P, and S-Line plastic but is it enough? Shouldn't companies always be working towards making better discs? At Discmania they are committed to finding and creating the best plastic combinations for players.

All discs change when they're made in different plastics. D-Line discs tend to be more understable than C-Line and G-Line is more flexible than S-Line. Discmania is working to provide players with more choices for their discs, more customization in the flight characteristics of discs. That way you can find whatever you need for your shot selection.
The Vapor plastic is much grippier than the S-Line and it's slightly less flexible than G-Line. It's different enough where it deserves its own title, it kind of fits in the middle of those plastics. It's perfect for discs like the tactic.
Neo Plastic is similar in grip to the S-Line plastic but it's harder like the C-Line and not quite as see-through. One other thing is that it feels firmer in the rim, and slightly less flexible than either C-Line or S-Line.
Exo plastic comes in both hard and soft, it's similar to P-Line in that regard but the soft is more floppy and the hard is more stiff. 
Discmania will continue to push the envelope in making newer better plastics for players. Make sure to keep checking for new additions as they may make new discs in this plastic or remold some classics in the new plastic.

Discmania Evolution Neo:

Discmania Evolution Exo:


Discraft Titanium:

Discraft Titanium Plastic is a premium blend. That means that you pay premium price and get something excellent in return.

It's the most durable plastic that Discraft offers, it's going to last you a very long time. A great choice for drivers, fairway drivers, and midrange discs, because those are discs you often throw with power and you may strike an object.

The grip is exceptional and it's somewhere between ESP and Z Line for flexibility. You can trust any disc in Titanium plastic for a long time and in any weather. It's got that tackier feel and is great year round in the snow, rain, and warm sunny days. It beats in slowly so you can have plenty of rounds and practice with Ti discs.

It's something that's thrown on tour by the top players in the sport. But it also belongs in the hands of every day players.

Discraft ESP:

Discraft ESP Plastic is probably their most popular blend. It's available in a variety or weights, colors, swirl patterns, and it's generally what pros use on tour.

This is a premium blend of plastic so you pay a little more but it's super durable and has some of the best grip in the game. ESP isn't as overstable out of the box as Z Line, and it doesn't take as long to beat in. ESP is the go to in cold weather, warm weather, and anything in between. Pros love it for how reliable it is, always flying the same week after week whether they're throwing in the mountains of Vermont or the plains of Kansas.

ESP is affordable, and if you're looking for a driver or a mid that you can throw for years to come this is a pretty solid choice.

Discraft Big Z:

What makes Discraft Big Z Plastic special?

It's that premium blend for your disc that offers a durable plastic and it's got good grip. What makes it different from Z line is the Big Z has a little more tackiness to it. It's also got a little more flex in the disc. Think of it flying like a seasoned Z line disc. Big Z is an excellent choice in bad weather, when your other premium blend discs are a little too cold and overstable.

What's going to keep Big Z plastic in your disc golf bag is how reliable it is. You're always getting great grip, it's not going to get flippy the first time it smacks a tree, and it's an excellent choice for your drivers.

See why so many pros bag a few discs in Big Z plastic. It's a combination of durability and extra glide and grip.

Discraft Z Line:

Discraft Z Plastic is the most durable blend from Discraft. It's a plastic that holds its shape well even after repeated tree hits, so you don't buy something that's overstable one week and understable the next.

This is the choice of many pro players on Team Discraft. This plastic offers good grip and it's the most overstable plastic that they make. When deciding what type of plastic you need for a driver or mid think about Z Line and how this plastic stays with the same flight characteristics for years.

What else does it offer other than being the toughest to break in? It's the least affected by warm temperature, so when your other discs are gummy in the summer sun it will be stiff to throw.

Z Line is an excellent choice for a disc. It's stiff, and one of the most reliable choices in the sport.

Discraft Jawbreaker/Rubber Blend:

Discraft Jawbreaker is often referred to as a rubber blend. It's one of the grippiest plastics on the market. You can grip it with a wet hand, which makes this plastic very unique and perfect for when you're in a tournament and it rains.

It's a very popular plastic for Discraft putters every day of the year. Jawbreaker plastic has been released on putters and mids only so far because it isn't as durable as premium blends. It's not great for high impact of a driver hitting a tree, but it can handle thousands of putts at the basket very well.

Who uses Jawbreaker plastic? None other than 5X World Champion Paul McBeth with his signature Luna, and 5X World Champion Paige Pierce with her signature Fierce.

Jawbreaker grabs the chains with its stickier feel, and it works very well in approach discs. On the overstable to understable scale, Jawbreaker generally makes a disc less overstable than a premium blend. Putt with what works, putt with Jawbreaker.

Discraft Pro D/Putter Line:

Discraft putter plastic is a baseline blend. What makes this special is that it was always designed to be grippy and tacky for the most control on your putts.

Where premium plastics slide through the chains, those little nicks from the metal that your putter gets will give it more grab. Putter plastic is a great choice for discs you aren't ripping at high speeds. So approach discs and putters are the only thing you'll find Discraft Putter Plastic in.


Axiom Electron:

Electron Plastic is the baseline plastic from MVP and Axiom. It's the least expensive for a reason, it beats in quickly but very well. It's a common choice for putters and mid range discs even for the pros. For a driver it will be perfect for a long slow turnover disc. What separates Axiom discs is the color of the rim, it can be vibrant and many different colors instead of black.

What makes Electron Plastic special is that it comes in 3 different firmness levels. Soft, Medium, and Firm are all choices. Some players like a stiff putter and others prefer the floppy soft ones. Axiom makes it so that you don't have to buy a hard one and work it in for 6 months to make it soft. This is unique to the company and lots of players enjoy having the different stiffness levels.

Electron plastic is available in a number of colors and weights. It's versatile and you can basically get any color combination and weight that you're looking for. It's got a softer and tackier feel than other baseline plastics, so it won't be as slippery even when wet.

At Sabattus Disc Golf we try our best to keep the prices low, especially for baseline plastics. We're disc golfers too and know that you're trying to get all the flight you can out of these discs.

The baseline plastics tend to be the least overstable right out of the box, so if you have a premium blend that's the same mold you'll find that the flight is slightly different.

Axiom Eclipse:

Axiom Eclipse Plastic is noted for its ability to glow very brightly in the dark and how durable it is. This plastic from Axiom features the same colored rim you love. There are many colored rims for eclipse, but it's going to be that same glow look every time for the flight plate. It's got that extra weight in the outside rim plastic which gives discs extra stability, leading to a longer flight.

Eclipse offers the same durable disc that other premium blends like Proton and Neutron offer. But it's a little softer so it's not as overstable as Proton plastic right out of the box.

Players of every skill level will enjoy throwing this plastic, you can rely on it in the winter and summer and because of the glow you can rely on it day or night. At Sabattus Disc golf we work hard to make sure that the price of discs remains low. We're disc golfers too, so we always want you to be able to get great plastic at good prices. Click on any of the discs pictured below and you'll find out about the flight path of every disc and how it can be used.

Axiom Proton:

Axiom Proton Plastic offers players a great grip, and a highly durable blend of plastic. It's the choice for touring pros, advanced players, and recreational folks. You can rely on Proton plastic discs to hold up when they hit rocks, metal, trees, or anything else you happen to hit with your throws. That's why it's a clear choice off the tee, when you throw hard, choose proton plastic.

It's noteable with the clear flight plate, and the shiny bright colors. Axiom discs also offer a secondary colored rim, where MVP discs all have black rims.

The outer ring of proton plastic is a slightly denser plastic that helps create a gyroscopic effect in the disc. This special secondary part of a disc adds stability to the flight which makes the flight a little bit longer and smoother. It's something that all MVP and Axiom discs have in common.

You're going to love the durability, performance, and price of proton plastic from Axiom. At Sabattus Disc Golf we work to keep the price of discs low, we're disc golfers too and we know you're going to be out there chucking these discs.

So click on any of the discs in this collection to learn more about the specific flight path of that disc.

Axiom Neutron:

Axiom Neutron Plastic is a premium blend. It's noted for being highly colorful and having a flight plate connected to an outer ring. The two plastic piece offers players a gyro effect, so discs have additional stability and may fly further.

Neutron Plastic is a great choice for a disc if you're expecting to throw it at high speeds. The durable plastic means that the disc is going to fly the same way for a number of years.

Grip on Neutron plastic is important. It's not easy for the thumb to depress into the plastic so you do have to squeeze it a bit, but it's got a smooth feel that leads to a very clean release. It's great in all seasons, however in the cold it will stiffen up and you'll find that discs in this plastic become more stable.

Neutron plastic is what MVP pro team players throw every week in the disc golf pro tour. They throw it because it works no matter where you are, and it can be trusted every single week. It's a little more expensive than baseline plastic, but it's a great investment in durability and consistent flights.


MVP Neutron:

Axiom Neutron Plastic is a premium blend. It's noted for being highly colorful and having a flight plate connected to an outer ring. The two plastic piece offers players a gyro effect, so discs have additional stability and may fly further.

Neutron Plastic is a great choice for a disc if you're expecting to throw it at high speeds. The durable plastic means that the disc is going to fly the same way for a number of years.

Grip on Neutron plastic is important. It's not easy for the thumb to depress into the plastic so you do have to squeeze it a bit, but it's got a smooth feel that leads to a very clean release. It's great in all seasons, however in the cold it will stiffen up and you'll find that discs in this plastic become more stable.

Neutron plastic is what MVP pro team players throw every week in the disc golf pro tour. They throw it because it works no matter where you are, and it can be trusted every single week. It's a little more expensive than baseline plastic, but it's a great investment in durability and consistent flights.

MVP Cosmic Neutron:

MVP Cosmic Neutron Plastic is that durable premium blend that you love with an extra burst of color. Neutron plastic is widely chosen by MVP pros for its great flight, extra grip, and awesome durability. You'll love that each of these discs are unique with their color swirls and they look incredible. Discs in this plastic have the standard MVP gyro overmold technology. There's extra weight in the rim to stabilize it and offer longer glide for a further flying disc. Cosmic Neutron plastic is sure to be a staple in your bag if you like discs designed for distance, power, and excellent colors.

At Sabattus Disc Golf we work to keep the price low on premium blends because we're disc golfers as well. You should find that all the disc golf discs even in the swirly premium blends are available here for a lower cost than most places.

MVP R2 Neutron:

MVP R2 Neutron Plastic is the environmentally conscious choice because it's made from recycled plastic. It's also the only MVP disc to have a white rim! It offers the same feel as Neutron and similar durability. If it's not a perfect mold then MVP won't sell the disc, instead they'll chip it into tiny pieces. Then they use those to create the R2 (short for round 2) plastic. It's dyed black with some gray swirls in it and then the white rim is added.

It's available at a similar price to neutron plastic and it's still perfect for your round of disc golf. It's going to fly exactly the same but you get to feel great about MVP's plan to help the environment.

These are all of the discs that we carry at Sabattus Disc Golf in this plastic. If you have any questions about the flight, distance, speed, or other options about a disc click on it and we'll have a review on it for you.

MVP Proton:

MVP Proton Plastic is a super durable premium blend that's see through. What makes Proton really special is that with its durability, you're going to be throwing this disc for years and years to come. It's perfect for any disc that you may smack with a tree, rock, or metal. Proton plastic is available in many colors, and at this time it's always going to be a solid color until they figure out how to make it cosmic like they have with Neutron, Plasma colors and Electron plastic.

You'll notice that right off the rack Proton plastic will be the stiffest (unless you get a softer putter) and it's going to make this disc the most overstable. That will give this disc the longest life of any MVP plastic. Proton will also come in the heaviest weight, because of the density of the plastic it never gets much below 165 grams.

It's a perfect choice for any discs that you plan on throwing hard, Proton stands up better than any other MVP plastic to the things you'll throw it at. Click on any of these discs and learn more about their flight path today!

MVP Plasma:

MVP Plasma Plastic is a unique blend that offers durability, flexibility, and some of the coolest color combinations that MVP has to offer. It's distinguishable from a distance because of the sheen and luster on the disc even after a few years of throwing. It may appear to be two different colors depending on the angle of the disc in the sunlight.

Plasma plastic is not as overstable as Proton or Neutron plastic right out of the box, so its great if you want a disc that will have a little more turn early on. The flight numbers are pretty true to the disc. It offers a slightly tackier grip than Neutron plastic but not as much as Electron.

Plasma plastic will have a place in your bag for its vibrant colors, the way you can trust the discs in this plastic, and the premium durability. All discs in plasma plastic are overmold molds so you can expect the black rim with extra weight to be there. This gives the discs a gyroscopic flight and allows for additional stability and longer glide in the flight.

MVP Fission:

MVP Fission Plastic is a lightweight and durable blend. The lightweight plastic is currently offered for drivers because you're going to get excellent distance out of these discs. With less weight to them, they should be easier to get up to speed and throw further.

If you're struggling with a higher speed disc from MVP, try it in Fission plastic to get a different result.

There are micro bubbles in the plastic that lighten the disc without changing the structural integrity. It's just as durable as proton or neutron plastic. One thing to note with Fission plastic discs is that they're much more susceptible to wind. On windy days they'll fly much further, whether that's a good or bad thing is kind of up to the wind.

Fission discs still carry a lot of weight in the outer rim which helps with the gyro effect. This leads to a higher spin rate and more stable flight from the discs. If you're interested in learning more about a specific disc and the flight path go ahead and click on any of them in our collection.

MVP Eclipse/Eclipse 2.0:

MVP Eclipse Plastic is popular for two big reasons. It's one of the brightest glow in the dark plastics in the game, and it's durable. You're going to find that while discs in this plastic perform well in the dark, they're also great for daylight rounds. It's a little extra flexible plastic that's slightly see through, but not as stiff or clear as proton plastic.

You can throw these glow discs anywhere, anytime. If you're playing at night just charge them up with a flashlight in between holes. Eclipse plastic really crushes no matter where you throw it.

The durability isn't a question either, these discs can withstand the same amount of tree and rock hits as other premium blends. It's a favorite of players at all skill levels and made for all courses. If you're thinking about giving MVP/Axiom a try and are looking for a plastic that works well no matter what then this is the choice for you.

MVP Electron:


MVP Cosmic Electron:

MVP Cosmic Electron Plastic is a baseline plastic from MVP. It's inexpensive and it's an excellent grippy choice for putters and mids. Players love it for the extra tacky feel that premium blends don't have. It does beat in the quickest, but that's important for giving you a more understable flight path. Cosmic electron is great in the summer, winter, rain, or sun. Electron comes in soft, medium, and firm so you can find what works best for you.

What makes Cosmic plastic is the burst or swirl pattern in the disc. It doesn't change the flight path in any way but it does look awesome. If you're looking for a blend of plastic that's got exceptional coloring and will be perfect for putters and midranges this is it.