Innova Tour Series Disc Golf

Innova has long been the choice of champions.  The Innova Tour Series Discs helps these disc golf players that you see week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour make a comfortable living.  A disc purchased with these signature tour stamps has a substantial portion of the sale go back to the player with their name on the disc. 

These discs can be any plastic such as star, glow, galactic, or champion and can be a driver, mid-range, or putter.  The discs vary in color and sometimes vary in weight as well.  It's all about what disc the professional player uses most often and what cool stamp they want, so the average player sees how it should perform in the hands of a pro.  Touring pros such as as Madison Walker is famous for crushing her wraith down the fairway, or Ricky Wysocki for sinking putts with his Galactic Aviar.  You can also purchase the tour disc of famous disc golf commentators "Big Jerm" Jeremy Koling and his thunderbird, or Nate "Sexy" Sexton's Firebird.   Some of these discs are for winning a specific tournament such as Garret Gurthie's Star Sonic for his Master's Cup win, Gregg Barsby's 2018 Champion Eagle for his World Championship, Calvin Heimburg's Champion Roc3 for his Las Vegas Open win, or James Conrad's Aviar for his 2019 USDGC title.  Every player on Innova's star team has at least one unique disc a season and each stamp gets an update almost every year, so grab them early in the season as supplies can be limited.  Be sure to check for new discs all the time because there are plenty of PDGA majors that Innova sponsored athletes are going to win.  When you're debating whether or not to buy a tour disc or a stock stamp from the shop, remember that your support helps these players tour.  

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