Discmania Midrange Disc Golf

Discmania is a company that makes amazing midrange discs. One cool thing that they've done is making discs easily identifiable by their names. The bigger the number in the name, the more overstable the disc is. For example the MD is a straight flying mid range disc with little to no fade, but the MD5 is a disc that's going to fade a lot with almost no turn. The lower numbers will have more glide and the higher numbers will have more control. They're all useful for a variety of shots from different ranges on the course.

The three major plastics that Discmania uses are C-Line, S-Line, and D-Line. The C-Line plastic is the most overstable of the three. It's a premim plastic that's translucent and has a little bend in the flight plate. S-Line is durable and slightly less overstable than C-Line, it breaks in and can be turned over easier. Both of these are premium plastics. D-Line is a base line plastic, discs made from this material will show wear and tear from tree hits. These are going to be fantastic turnover discs.

The MD, MD1, and MD2 are all speed 4 mid ranges. They're going to be useful for players who don't have a lot of speed or power yet. Look for these discs to gently glide and get distance. The MD3, MD4, and MD5 are all more about an overstable finish and require a more experienced player.

Discmania offers a wide selection of mids, including the newer evolution line which features the Method or Shadow Titan (Same mold, Simon Lizotte signature mid). We expect more discs will be made in these unique plastics.

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