Discmania Evolution Collection Disc Golf Discs

Discmania Evolution plastic is a new product line that's seeking to push disc golf technology forward. For years we've had C,D,G,P, and S-Line plastic but is it enough? Shouldn't companies always be working towards making better discs? At Discmania they are committed to finding and creating the best plastic combinations for players.

All discs change when they're made in different plastics. D-Line discs tend to be more understable than C-Line and G-Line is more flexible than S-Line. Discmania is working to provide players with more choices for their discs, more customization in the flight characteristics of discs. That way you can find whatever you need for your shot selection.

The Vapor plastic is much grippier than the S-Line and it's slightly less flexible than G-Line. It's different enough where it deserves its own title, it kind of fits in the middle of those plastics. It's perfect for discs like the tactic.

Neo Plastic is similar in grip to the S-Line plastic but it's harder like the C-Line and not quite as see-through. One other thing is that it feels firmer in the rim, and slightly less flexible than either C-Line or S-Line.

Exo plastic comes in both hard and soft, it's similar to P-Line in that regard but the soft is more floppy and the hard is more stiff. 

Discmania will continue to push the envelope in making newer better plastics for players. Make sure to keep checking for new additions as they may make new discs in this plastic or remold some classics in the new plastic.
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