Axiom Eclipse 2.0 Plastic

Axiom Eclipse Plastic is noted for its ability to glow very brightly in the dark and how durable it is. This plastic from Axiom features the same colored rim you love. There are many colored rims for eclipse, but it's going to be that same glow look every time for the flight plate. It's got that extra weight in the outside rim plastic which gives discs extra stability, leading to a longer flight.

Eclipse offers the same durable disc that other premium blends like Proton and Neutron offer. But it's a little softer so it's not as overstable as Proton plastic right out of the box.

Eclipse Plastic was originally in the overmold or outer ring of the disc.
MVP has created Eclipse 2.0 and moved the glow to the flight plate for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is to provide more surface area to see the disc in the dark. But also it allows the filler of the overmold to be thicker for more gyroscopic flight.

Players of every skill level will enjoy throwing this plastic, you can rely on it in the winter and summer and because of the glow you can rely on it day or night. At Sabattus Disc golf we work hard to make sure that the price of discs remains low. We're disc golfers too, so we always want you to be able to get great plastic at good prices. Click on any of the discs pictured below and you'll find out about the flight path of every disc and how it can be used.

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