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June 07, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain Maine's #1 disc golf destination?

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining the 4 disc golf courses that spread over 100+ acres of deeply wooded land here in Sabattus, Maine. From meticulous weed whacking, leaf blowing, and mowing to getting on our hands and knees to wash the pro shop floors the maintenance of Sabattus Disc Golf is a labor of love - and we sure do love it!

Tree Safety

As a safety measure, and to keep the courses in pristine shape, we are constantly pruning and looking for dead, dying, or failing trees that need to be removed. The trees are then recycled into chips or given away to local people to burn as a heat source. Staff members survey the land on a daily basis in order to keep up with our standards of tree safety.


We dedicate two full days every week during the on-season to mowing the lawns and fairways. Every other time we mow the blades from the three 60" pull behind mowers are sharpened.

Weed whacking & Leaf blowing

Two weed whackers and three leaf blowers are utilized by three staff members for four days every week for a combined workload of 25-30 hours/week. This is done in order to maintain courses that give players the greatest chance of finding their disc after they throw it. Both weed whacking and leaf blowing are also done as a safety measure to reduce the risk of fire hazards and the potential of fires to spread among untrimmed grass and piles of leaves.

Trash Cans & Recycling Bins

As a way to keep the courses clean and free of any trash we have 72 trash cans and recycling bins strategically placed throughout each course. Each and every one of the 72 trash cans and recycling bins are emptied and cleaned twice a week. 


We're all about getting everyone involved in the sport of disc golf, that's why we pay special attention to the pathways throughout each course. The stone paths are not only designed to guide you seamlessly through the woods to each tee pad, they are also designed to be stroller and wheel chair friendly! The also act as a fire break and as a way to control erosion. We estimate that there is about 6,000 yards of pea stone throughout the courses.


Each year 2 tractor trailers full of bark mulch are delivered the Sabattus Disc Golf. We use the mulch around all baskets/targets that do not have grass to make the basket/target more visible for the players. We estimate that there is about 150-200 yards of bark mulch laid down every year.


There's a lot that goes into maintaining Sabattus Disc Golf but with the help of 4 full time dedicated outdoor staff members we are lucky to say that we get it done! And we think our guests would agree!


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