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July 05, 2020 3 Comments

Today I’m going to be looking at some of the discs that aren’t as popular. Innova released an overlooked disc blog last year and we even agree on some of the same discs! Everyone knows about the Innova Destroyer, Discmania MD4, and the Discraft Zone. But here’s 6 discs out there that I think people should be trying, and I’ll tell you why you should give them a shot. If you have any questions about the discs let me know in a comment below and I’ll get back to you with a reply..

I love to talk with people about their golf game when they get into the shop, but these are some disc recommendations that I think help people when the popular discs aren’t working for them. Some of my good friends throw Innova TeeBirds, so I’ve tried throwing them before, but they never seem to work for me. Remember, just because a disc works for your buddy doesn’t mean it has to work for you. There’s no best disc, if there was, we’d all be throwing it all the time and disc golf would get incredibly boring. So here are my suggestions if you’re having trouble finding the right disc. I tend to focus on straight flyers and understable discs; there’s so many overstable discs on the market I think you’ll find those no problem.


  • The Discraft Rattler it’s a straight flying disc with an unusually deep rim. I threw this for a while in the D-Line plastic but it got too beat in. So I was ecstatic to find that Discraft had released this special run in ESP plastic and I immediately put it in my bag. The Rattler floats in the air for eternity and flies dead straight. That’s what I love about this putter, I can use it to run a long putt without lots of room for my arm to move. I use it when I need to hit a gap or when I need to float a disc into a landing zone. It’s mostly an approach disc, but you can use it for long putts as well. I suggest feeling this disc before buying, it’s such a deep rim that some people find it hard to hold. So if you’re having trouble with keeping your disc straight on your upshots, this disc will help.
  • The Innova Whale is a putter that I recommend for driving with. Wait! Driving with a putter? On those holes that are 250 and fewer this is a great disc to have in your bag. It’s floaty and overstable, very similar to the P2 from Discmania but with a little more overstability. This is for getting around a tree and sitting down, or any other placement shot that you need. It’s less overstable and more glidey than a Zone, which is why I tell people that on 200-250 foot holes this disc makes a lot of sense. If you’re throwing an Aviar or another putter and flipping it over, then this is what I suggest to make sure you’re getting that fade you need.


  • I could go on and on about the Innova DX Cobra and the merits of the disc. This disc is perfect for beginning players and people who are struggling with a forehand. Have you ever wanted a turnover disc that seemed to glide forever? The Cobra seems to carry further than you thought possible even when thrown at low speed. Many players don’t have a forehand disc right away, the Cobra takes care of that. When released flat it anhyzers quickly and continues to glide. As this disc beats in it’s still going to be useful for shots where you have to hold a turnover the whole way, or when you need to flip up to flat, then anny out. It’s a great trick shot disc for experienced players. So if you’re throwing the Roc3 or Shark and find that the finish is too strong try out the Cobra.
  • The Discmania MD3 is stable and has a strong forward glide. It’s a forehand or backhand players’ delight. When I throw a mid range forehand I have a little wobble (I’m working on it - I know) after a few moments, the disc stables up and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Backhand I love this disc because I know that I can rip it hard and flat with a little height, and it will finish left for me. This is reliable, and I’m not Simon, Eagle, or James Conrad, so I don’t need that extra stability that an MD4 or MD5 has for my arm speed. The MD3 is such a great balance of glide and reliable finish. If you find that the Roc3 is too overstable then this is a great disc that will be straighter with the same consistent finish.

Innova DX Cobra resting on a rock at Sabattus Disc Golf


  • The Innova Archangel is overlooked by many players because it’s only available in DX plastic. This disc has a glide rating of 6 so it goes for a long way. If players want more distance but don’t have great arm speed I suggest this or the Cobra to them. The Archangel has so much turn and glide that for low arm speeds it comes back to a hyzer. However if you have a big arm and a big anhyzer to throw, this is absolutely the disc you should be throwing. It carries forever and doesn’t want to hyzer out. Give this disc a chance with a high throw and you’ll be rewarded. Your friends will watch in amazement as you continue to get great turnover drives. If your Sidewinder keeps finishing with a fade and you only want the turn, this is a great disc for you.
  • The Innova TL3 is a straight flying disc. I mean it’s probably the straightest/highest speed disc. People always come into the shop and want a straight flying driver. When you throw high speed you add a lot of extra power to the disc and that causes more side to side movement. I find that when released flat, the TL3 can be thrown 300-350 feet on a line without moving side to side. That’s why I love this for tunnel shots in the woods or when I have to keep a disc low to avoid the wind. If you’re finding that a Leopard or a TeeBird have too much turn or finish, then I recommend trying a TL3 for a straighter flight.

Do you have any other discs in your bag that you think are uncommon? I’m always down to try a new disc in my lineup (got to avoid stagnation you know). If you do, let me know here in the comments so I can try it out.

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397

3 Responses

Jim N
Jim N

August 10, 2021

Recently lost my Halo TL3 to a pond. Would love to find another…great disc for forehand or backhand. I will be on the hunt for another.

Andrew Streeter
Andrew Streeter

July 19, 2020

Glad to hear it Dan. Keep using the discs that are right for your game.


July 12, 2020

Absolutely agree on the Cobra and Archangel. They are both in my bsg and thrown every round.

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