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SDG Goat Sack Disc Golf Bag Essentials

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Product Description

We love our goats at SDG. If you've ever been here you've probably met our 3 friendly kids Hyzer, Patches, Peaches and the newest arrivals Nova & Olivia as they've tried to pressure you into feeding them your snacks.

One employee Chris had the great idea to create bags for players to dry their hands with, but with goats on it. That was an instant yes, let's do this, why weren't we already doing this kind of moment! And now we have the SDG Goat Sack. We will change out the designs for time to time to keep things fresh.

Our latest version has Blue fabric on the front and Black on the back, and printed with our SDG Goat Swish logo in White.

These bags are designed to keep your hands dry when you want a consistent release every time. Sweat, rain, water, there are so many ways to get your hands different levels of wet. When you use this disc golf chalk bag you can be confident that it will be dry and give you that same grip every single time.

It's essential to have one of these Goat Sacks in your bag. Keep your hands dry, get that consistent shot, and score well.

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