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Innova GStar Plastic Disc Golf

Innova GStar Plastic is a very grippy and flexible plastic. It's like an already beat in star or champion disc. When you buy it off the rack it will already be slightly less stable than other disc plastics in the same mold. The gummy nature of GStar doesn't affect the durability though, it's soft but it doesn't break. It's similar to other premium plastics such as star or champion. Grip is key with all discs, GStar is tacky and grippy. The disc has a unique sheen to it, it's bright and shiny no matter the colors.

This is some of the best winter disc golf plastic, when it's cold out discs get stiff and overstable. A GStar plastic disc in the winter weather is still softer than other plastics and won't get supremely overstable when the first snow hits. You'll find that it maintains the same flight characteristics year round.

Players will find it is easy to manipulate with their hands, if you want to press your thumb in during a backhand this is a good disc. If you want something that's soft, durable, and has incredible feel in your hands get a GStar plastic disc.


  • Most comfortable and enhanced grip
  • GREAT for cold weather play
  • Ideal for those with less grip strength
  • Same durability of Star plastic with added flexibility.
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  • Looks amazing
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