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MVP Disc Sports Discs

MVP Disc Sports Discs are from the company called Maple Valley Plastics. Based in Massachusetts, they've been creating overmold discs since 2010. Their original goal has been to develop the best discs possible using science. So many of their discs are named after scientific topics. Cofounders Brad and Chad Richardson took their knowledge of plastic molding and applied it to their passion, disc golf.

These discs are made with overmold technology, which means that the outer rim of the disc is made with a different material (with more weight). According to MVP this allows for a straighter flight path because the further you get the weight away from the center of a disc the better off you are.

James Conrad sponsored by MVP won their first disc golf world title in MPO in 2021. So you know that any pro can win big tournaments with this plastic.

Their known for plastics like Electron, Proton, and Neutron. They're durable, offer great grip, and have the gyro technology you're looking for.

MVP produces many discs, baskets, and lots of other great products for disc golfers. From the professional players to recreational folks, it's all awesome.

So be sure to check out all the MVP discs we offer here at Sabattus Disc Golf.

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