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DGA Signature Line Blowfly 1 Disc Golf Putter

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The DGA Signature Line Blowfly 1 is an amazing disc that's perfect for catching chains. This disc is beloved by so many disc golfers, it's a floppy, grippy disc that you can rely on to fly straight. In fact you can fold it in half and throw it into the basket that way if you want.

The flight path of the Blowfly 1 is straight. That's what makes it such a great putter. You can throw this disc on a hyzer release and it will flip up and go straight. If you release it flat, it's going straight. And if you release it on an anhyzer it's going to come out of that and fly straight. There's not much glide to the blowfly, it's difficult to throw the disc more than 200 feet. But it's great for when you need touch. This disc refuses to roll, and when you hit a tree or any other obstacle it will absorb the energy and drop where it hits. Don't worry about those tree kicks anymore! It almost feels like cheating because you never have to worry about a bad roll away.

The signature line plastic is very floppy and grippy. It's got solid durability and will last for a couple of years. You can throw this disc on drives or for putts and not worry about it getting beat up. The ridges along the top offer excellent grip points as well. With premium durability and excellent grip it's really perfect for your approach and putting needs.

The Blowfly isn't for everyone, but if you like it you'll love it and rely on this disc forever. It's perfect for any age or skill level, so try one of these discs today and watch your approach/putt game change.

Speed 2 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 2