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MVP Plasma Plastic

MVP Plasma Plastic is a unique blend that offers durability, flexibility, and some of the coolest color combinations that MVP has to offer. It's distinguishable from a distance because of the sheen and luster on the disc even after a few years of throwing. It may appear to be two different colors depending on the angle of the disc in the sunlight.

Plasma plastic is not as overstable as Proton or Neutron plastic right out of the box, so its great if you want a disc that will have a little more turn early on. The flight numbers are pretty true to the disc. It offers a slightly tackier grip than Neutron plastic but not as much as Electron.

Plasma plastic will have a place in your bag for its vibrant colors, the way you can trust the discs in this plastic, and the premium durability. All discs in plasma plastic are overmold molds so you can expect the black rim with extra weight to be there. This gives the discs a gyroscopic flight and allows for additional stability and longer glide in the flight.

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