Innova Distance Drivers Disc Golf

The Innova Distance Driver is any Innova disc with a speed of 9 or higher.  These are meant to be the furthest flying discs in your bag as they cut through the wind rather than float on it.  A distinguishing characteristic of the distance driver is the sharp nose of the disc.  These magnificent discs are meant to be thrown a minimum of 250 feet, and the Innova Boss holds the current world record for distance at 1108 feet!

These great discs can be thrown in any way imaginable.  They excel at forehand and backhand shots as well as overhands and rollers.  A distance driver can skip, or spike depending on the angle and there are overstable and understable discs to choose from as well.  The last 2 numbers on a distance driver are the most important, the turn and the fade.  This is because these discs fly the furthest and therefore have the most turn or fade.  A putter with a fade of 3 will tail off maybe 20-30 feet.  A driver with the fade of 3 will tail off 50+ feet. 

No bag would be complete without at least one Innova distance driver.  There are dozens to choose from in all kinds of plastics.  Try them out and see which ones suit your game the best. 

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