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Axiom Proton Plastic

Axiom Proton Plastic offers players a great grip, and a highly durable blend of plastic. It's the choice for touring pros, advanced players, and recreational folks. You can rely on Proton plastic discs to hold up when they hit rocks, metal, trees, or anything else you happen to hit with your throws. That's why it's a clear choice off the tee, when you throw hard, choose proton plastic.

It's noteable with the clear flight plate, and the shiny bright colors. Axiom discs also offer a secondary colored rim, where MVP discs all have black rims.

The outer ring of proton plastic is a slightly denser plastic that helps create a gyroscopic effect in the disc. This special secondary part of a disc adds stability to the flight which makes the flight a little bit longer and smoother. It's something that all MVP and Axiom discs have in common.

You're going to love the durability, performance, and price of proton plastic from Axiom. At Sabattus Disc Golf we work to keep the price of discs low, we're disc golfers too and we know you're going to be out there chucking these discs.

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