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Axiom Neutron Plastic

Axiom Neutron Plastic is a premium blend. It's noted for being highly colorful and having a flight plate connected to an outer ring. The two plastic piece offers players a gyro effect, so discs have additional stability and may fly further.

Neutron Plastic is a great choice for a disc if you're expecting to throw it at high speeds. The durable plastic means that the disc is going to fly the same way for a number of years.

Grip on Neutron plastic is important. It's not easy for the thumb to depress into the plastic so you do have to squeeze it a bit, but it's got a smooth feel that leads to a very clean release. It's great in all seasons, however in the cold it will stiffen up and you'll find that discs in this plastic become more stable.

Neutron plastic is what MVP pro team players throw every week in the disc golf pro tour. They throw it because it works no matter where you are, and it can be trusted every single week. It's a little more expensive than baseline plastic, but it's a great investment in durability and consistent flights.

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