Zuca Fenders (Set of 2) Disc Golf Accessories

Zuca Fenders (Set of 2) Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

**Warning please read full description before purchasing - this item is cart specific and does NOT fit all models**

The ZÜCA Fenders (Set of 2) Disc Golf Accessories is the complete collection of Zuca cart fenders. Sabattus Disc Golf wants to make it easy for you to get the correct fenders. Every cart requires different fenders, so get the ones that fit your cart easier.

The ZÜCA disc golf cart fenders are cart specific and compatible as listed below:

All Terrain/Disc Golf Cart 

Compact Cart  

  • No tools required for installation  
  • Compatible with ZUCA Compact Cart model only
  • Black only

Backpack Cart 

  • Simple to install and remove with specified tools
  • Compatible with ZUCA Backpack Cart model only
  • Black only

Backpack LG Cart - EZ Cart - Transit Cart

  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with ZUCA Backpack LG Carts, EZ Carts & Transit Carts model only
  • Black only

The reason you'll want these fenders for your cart is for added durability. Since ZÜCA made the change from rubber pressurized tires to foam, the tires need more protection. These fenders will add plenty of longevity to your tires and are a worthwhile investment. At SDG we offer these products at a competitive price and want you to have whatever you may need for a great round of disc golf.

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