Innova Safari Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bags

Innova Safari Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bags

通常価格 $ 85.99 USD
通常価格 $ 99.99 USD セール価格 $ 85.99 USD
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Product Description

The Innova Safari Backpack is a fantastic disc golf backpack. It's only $99.99 and it's a top tier bag.

It holds 20-25 discs

Has 2 side drink holders

Large side compartments

Zippered pockets to secure your keys, wallet, and phone

Side slide pockets for your mini, pencil, clipboard,

Top clips for carabiners or for putting your towel loop through

Large top pocket for putters

Mesh side pockets in the top pocket for your phone while you use UDisc

It's a perfect backpack disc golf bag for people who want to carry a lot of discs, but not spend the 200+ dollars on a Grip, Upper Park, or Pound bag. It's made from high quality and durable canvas material. The Safari backpack has plenty of space, and a comfortable set of shoulder straps.

Innova has always made quality backpacks. This Safari is easy to set up, and is great for tournament or casual play. It comes in a variety of colors, so make sure you get one you love.

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