Innova GStar 3 Pack SpaceSaver Disc Starter Set

Innova GStar 3 Pack SpaceSaver Disc Starter Set

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通常価格 $ 32.99 USD セール価格 $ 24.95 USD
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Flight path

Release angle

flight image

The illustrated disc flight line is based on the manufacturer field testing results, during its development process. So, to level the playing field we chose to put a different spin on things for such visual illustrations. Sticking to the manufacturer's test results will offer you a good baseline for how that particular disc will fly.

Product Description

This 3 Pack features the comfort and assurance of GStar plastic. This set hits a price point that pleases players' pockets. The Aviar, Leopard3, and Valkyrie are among our most popular discs, especially with newer players. Discs are in the 160-169 range. Colors will vary.


Plastic Benefits

GStar Plastic

  • The G stands for Grip, which it certainly delivers.
  • A superior, exceptionally flexible plastic blend.
  • Highly durable and ideal for cold weather.
  • Opaque with a metallic sheen.

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