Are You Trying to Find A New Putter Too?

Are You Trying to Find A New Putter Too?

I’m kind of in a personal pickle when it comes to putters as the one I putt with is no longer being made (that I know of).

Why am I switching my putter?

I love the Discmania D-Line P2, but if the mold I like isn’t out there anymore I’m going to have to change it. I have some backups but eventually they’re going to be pretty beat in. Instead of waiting for my supply to become flippy I’ll spend the spring months trying out new discs to find what I like.

I like putting with something that’s a little fresher, I cycle my putters whenever they get a good gouge in them. Unlike my dad who has putt with the same DX Aviar we got in starter packs together in 2010.

Here’s my lifetime putter changes.
2010-2012 Innova DX Aviar - Got in the starting pack
2012-2013 Innova Classic Roc - Changed because I wanted something a little slimmer in my hand.
2013-2017 Gateway Super Stupid Soft Voodoo - Went on vacation and bought 3 discs to try. I sunk putts from all over.
2018 Discraft Soft Challenger- Wanted to switch all discs to one manufacturer to “go pro” lol. And I’m a big Nate Doss fanboy.
2018 Discraft D Rattler - Wanted to be unique. It’s a good thrower but not a reliable putter.
2019-2022 Discmania D Line P2

You can see that players often change their putters. I think once you find one that works it’s probably best to keep with it.

I’ve flirted around with lots of other putters, those are just kind of what I settled on. I tried the new P2’s from Discmania and they just don’t fit my motion as well. I’ll try them again when the stiffer plastic releases, but the flex 2’s just didn’t have the stability I was looking for right away.

So now that I’m looking at a new putter it’s time for me to make some decisions as to what’s important to me for putting.


  1. Availability
  2. Stability
  3. Hand feel

Once you make a putter decision I’m a believer in sticking with it at least for a while, give it a couple of weeks. You can’t expect to be precise with a putter in the first week.

Well I wasn’t sure this was a word until I started typing and no red squiggle came up. The disc could be rare, understandable, and feel awful in my hand type of disc. But if I’m hitting 80% or better inside the circle with it, I’ll putt with it. I want something that I’m going to be confident with every time I step up to putt.

I’m not looking for a one time release of discs. Kickstarter putters or discs that aren’t always getting printed aren’t going to fit what I need. When I putt with the Voodoo I found one, then 3, and then finally about 8 of them but that took a lot of time. I’m going to find something that I can buy another one if I lose mine. I like my friend’s Firefly, but I don’t want to be stuck waiting on runs of those.

This could honestly be first in the process. I want something with a little hyzer to it. A flat putt is important, but I want something that when I give it a good jump putt doesn’t flip over on me. The P2 has always been stable to overstable in that regard and it’s been great in the wind or from distance. Whatever I throw next needs to have a flight path that I’m used to.

Hand Feel
People complain when a disc golf vlogger/blogger or review includes “feels good in the hand”. So I’ve tried to stop writing or saying that. Hand size is important, and different for every single person reading this blog. I tried the shallower Classic Roc and it became more of a throwing putter for me than anything else. I want something that’s deep but has a flatter top. I'm not opposed to throwing something with a bead but I’ll have to try it for a few rounds.

What discs am I looking at?

Right now I’m looking at 5 different discs that may replace my P2’s.

1. MVP Nomad Firm
2. ThoughtSpace Athletics Muse
3. Latitude 64 Dagger
4. Axiom Envy Firm
5. Innova DX Colt

I’m a push putter so I’ll be trying all of these discs out in the coming weeks and months trying to figure out what works for me.

The putter is the most important disc in your bag. If you’re hitting every 20 footer, or most of your 30 footers, you’re going to gain a lot of strokes on the green. The most important thing you can do with your putter is sink putts. If I have to sink a few bucks into a disc that’s going to save me strokes, I’m going to pay for it.

I’m also open to suggestions! I give suggestions all day long but I’d love to hear from you guys what you think I’d like. I’m really looking for flat top, deep rim, stable flyers. If you’ve got a suggestion please let me know and I’d love to hear your thoughts. As well as if there’s anything I’ve missed when looking at new discs.

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397



Infinite discs alpaca is supposedly pretty much the exact mold of the innova made p2s, just a thought is you like those older runs


I use the Black Zombie War Hammer, 3/4/0/2, it’s a deeper flat putter and the hemp plastic I use is nice and firm but still carries good grip. Not sure if you like four glide putters or if it’s what you’re into, but I would say it could be worth a look!

Brigham Tanton

It sounds like we kind of like the same “feel” for putters. I’m typically bouncing back and forth between firm wizards and classic judges. The wizards are more stable and I definitely trust them more but I find I can get just a smidge more pop on the judges.