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Innova Discs

Innova Champion Discs is the largest manufacturer of disc golf discs in the game. We're proud to be an authorized dealer of some of the best disc golf discs you can get. Founded in 1983 Innova has been pushing the game forward with every disc they create. The Aviar and the Eagle revolutionized the sport and they have created hundreds of new molds since.

There are dozens of driver, mid range, putt, and approach discs from Innova. You'll find everything you need here for any shot you could need to throw. This contains many of the discs you see on tour from your favorite Team Innova players.

This collection is all of the discs we carry from Innova. There are many different plastics from DX to Champion, a few starter set options, and lots of different colors to choose from. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our shop or send us an email. We'd love to make sure you're getting the right disc for your needs.
We carry discs from speed 1 to speed 14 and if Innova makes a speed 0 or 15 we'll probably carry those as well. So come try a brand that's known for sponsoring 12x World Champion Ken Climo. You'll love Innova Champion Discs!
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