Want To Increase Your Disc Golf Grip?

Want To Increase Your Disc Golf Grip?

I think we can all agree that grip is one of the most important factors in disc golf. Today I’d like to look at a few products you can use to legally increase your grip factor while playing disc golf. As well as some tips and tricks that you can use.
Everything I’m going to write about is PDGA legal, there aren’t many rules regarding grip enhancers at the moment. And I don’t think we’ll see any to be honest. This Paul McBeth video shows different substances used to increase grip, but it would likely only work for drives.

Tips & Tricks

1. Always drink your beverage with your non throwing hand. We’re so single handed dominant this may take a while to adjust to. If you’re drinking a cool beverage in the summer you’re going to get condensation from the drink on your hand. This leads to you having wet fingers on your drive and that’s not a good thing.
2. You can never have too many towels. This is from experience, and from my zoom call with Paige Pierce. The easiest way to dry your hand is a towel not your shirt. You can lose towels, loan towels, get them wet from picking a disc out of the water, the rain, the dew, or any other number of other things. Try to carry 3 with you on even dry days.
Pro Tip: I’m a big fan of the Innova DewFly towels, they take that wetness right out of my discs or off my hands. If you’re looking for removing mud I like something with a waffle print, it tends to absorb the mud rather than smear it. I’ve played a lot of disc golf and have used at least 10 kinds of towels. DewFlys are my favorite for wet conditions.

Products to improve your disc golf grip.

1. Max Wax This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever held. It’s 11 bucks and turns your slippery fingers into perfectly sticky points to hold a disc. The demo I give people is to hold an Innova champion disc normally, then to wipe their fingers on the wax for 3 seconds. The difference is incredible and shocking. I bag this, it’s amazing in winter when my dry skin can’t hold premium plastic. It’s the reason why I wrote this blog, to tell you guys how amazing this is.
2. Goat Sacks This is your typical chalk bag. Chalk has been used by top athletes for years to improve grip and to allow for less friction. You’re crushing discs out of your hands at very high speeds, that ripping sensation can take a lot out of your skin. Using chalk reduces that friction and it also absorbs sweat which can lead to a slippery disc. These bags are also awesome because Chris who works at SDG makes them and they feature our goats. Birdie, Hyzer, Patches, and Peaches.
3. Friction Gloves Were initially developed for Ultimate players, but disc golfers soon realized that you want something to keep your fingers warm while you’re throwing. These are especially good on cooler days, but some people play with them year round for consistent grip. I tried them last year and they weren’t for me for disc golf, but I like them for hunting. I like their durability and that they feel tight on my hands, I’m not lost in there like I am with some other gloves.
4. Discraft Predator This actually has a textured inside rim to help with grip.

I’ve been a fan of this disc for 7+ years. Not just for the grip, I like it for the overstable flight. It’s great for lining up my right middle finger when I’m throwing forehands and it’s great for backhands as well. If you’re struggling with grip, this is a good choice. The Discraft Talon also has the same textured inner rim. I wish that other discs had this feature as I find it very comfortable. If a Wraith had this I may never throw another driver ever again.
5. DewFly Towel These really are amazing for getting your hands dry. If you’re sweaty in the summer or have wet hands in the spring it’s a great choice. They have a loop and can be attached to your bag. I never play a round without at least a couple of these in my bag. You can use them for a couple of rounds in a row without washing them if you let them air out properly.
6. Grip Hats! Nah I’m kidding about this last one. They just make you look great, they don’t affect your grip in any meaningful way. Anything you get from that company is high quality, it’s why we carry Grip EQ.

Those are some of my suggestions and products to use to increase your grip. It's Spring now and we’re going to have muddy and wet days. So you’ll need all the grip you can get. If you have some grip increasing products or tips please let me know in the comments!

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397