james conrad applauding spectators at a disc golf tournament compared to a photo of eagle mcmahon dejected, kneeling on the ground, after missing a putt.

Top Feelings In Disc Golf

This week I’ve decided to do a different kind of blog. Something more interactive for a group of folks to talk about. Print it out and rank with your friends what are the best feelings in disc golf.

I’ve listed them and put them in a random order.

I’ve created 26 events that have probably happened to all of us. These are the highs, the lows, and the middling feels of disc golf as we all know them. Hopefully this leads to some interesting discussions and some razzing of friends.

1 is the best feeling, 26 is the worst. I look forward to hearing about your discussions.

  • Being back of the box but parking your drive while everyone else has to upshot.
  • When your disc is going OB but it hits a tree at the last second and stays in.
  • When another group lets you tee off in front of them and you pure your drive.
  • Counting your strokes out loud and realizing that 4 was actually a 5.
  • When you’re looking for your lost disc and you told everyone it was up further but someone finds it 75 feet behind you.
  • Executing a hyzer flip on a tightly wooded hole.
  • Missing a 30 foot putt high for birdie, and then missing the comebacker low for par.
  • Seeing a 12 year old throw 300 foot drives and making 40 foot putts, knowing they’ll beat you soon.
  • Getting an ace.
  • Watching your missed putt roll past you down a hill.
  • Hitting a jump putt.
  • Finishing on 18 and feeling a raindrop, then seeing a group of 5 teeing off on Hole 1.
  • When your partner hits first tree available at dubs and you step up to hit the gap.
  • Hearing everyone else’s scores at lunchtime and realizing you’ll be on the party card.
  • Meeting a touring pro disc golfer for the first time.
  • Winning 3 dollars on a hole ctp during a casual round.
  • Being hungry on hole 10 but finding an unexpected snack in your bag.
  • Watching a first time disc golfer get their first full flex shot.
  • Getting a disc returned to you.
  • Missing the safe gap and hitting the inside gap instead, so you get a better lie.
  • Hitting the same tree off the tee that you did the last round.
  • Making a turkey (3 birdies in a row)
  • Having a bad warmup but birdieing the first hole of a tournament.
  • That feeling of yelling “TWO MINUTES!”
  • Hitting a putt that you had no business hitting.
  • Pulling into the parking lot and seeing that no one else is on the course.

These are some interesting events that I hope you’ve all experienced. Let me know what you think are the best feelings, and what the worst are. Feel free to add a couple or change them if you haven’t experienced them.

May your discs miss all the trees,

Andrew Streeter #70397