Overstable/Neutral/Understable - what does SDG carry the most of? Also Demo Disc Expansion!!!

Overstable/Neutral/Understable - what does SDG carry the most of? Also Demo Disc Expansion!!!

We carry 120 different molds here at Sabattus Disc Golf. Sure it’s mostly Innova, but we also carry MVP, ThoughtSpace Athletics, Axiom, and even 2 DGA molds.

Sabattus Disc Golf is expanding our demo program to have all 120 molds we sell in the store!
I’m a huge advocate of try-before-you-buy. So that’s why I’m pumped to announce that all the discs we sell in the shop are available for folks to get a round in!

Buying a premium plastic, stock stamp disc is $16. Trying 1 disc a month for March-September is $112 dollars if you buy them.
Save that money until you know what disc is right for you. Come to SDG, check out a disc with the front desk, and get some throws with it so you know if it works for you.


Be sure to ask whoever is working the counter at Sabattus if we have a demo of a disc you’re interested in. If it’s there and you want to borrow one of our demo discs, we’ll hold onto your license until you’re done with your round for collateral.

Lost discs will cost $6.50 to replace. I get that a disc might end up in the water or in a tree. That’s disc golf, we just ask that if it does happen to you that you pay us back so we can get another of those for other people to try. 

The $6.50 charge made sense a few years ago when people lost our rental discs because that's what we paid for bulk DX plastic with our stamp on it. It doesn't even cover our cost of a disc anymore. But I hope we don't raise it, because I don't want to scare folks away from trying discs for fear of losing something like $16.

I selected all of these discs for folks to try. I went with bright colors, mid-lighter weights, and premium blends like Champion or Star when I was able to. I expect these discs to get lots of throws in the coming years.

Please, save money and take advantage of this program. 

Now onto the other part of the blog.

After I went around and counted each individual mold, I then realized I kind of wanted to see what we have the most of for stability.

I asked Arthur and Danielle (my coworkers) what they thought we carried the most of.

Both of them answered “Overstable.” in a pretty confident manner.

It seems like a reasonable expectation. Most of the discs I bag are OS, most higher speed drivers are OS, and while putters are mostly neutral. I think that the majority of discs are above a 5 speed, at least at SDG. So it would be a good guess.

Here’s a list of all of the molds we offer at SDG in the demo section. Broken down into Understable, Stable and Overstable.

I define the discs as Understable, Neutral, or Overstable for myself with this list. When I think of them I think of them in a premium blend like Star/Neutron plastic and in a weight of 170.


  1. Sonic
  2. Mirage
  3. Wolf
  4. Stingray
  5. Manta
  6. Skeeter
  7. Cheetah
  8. Leopard
  9. Leopard3
  10. IT
  11. Dragon
  12. Archangel
  13. Roadrunner
  14. Sidewinder
  15. Mamba
  16. Wahoo
  17. Katana
  18. Daedalus
  19. Shryke
  20. Alter
  21. Mana
  22. Mantra
  23. Proxy
  24. Paradox
  25. Crave
  26. Virus
  27. Insanity
  28. Vanish
  29. Uplink
  30. Signal
  31. Relay
  32. Inertia
  33. Impulse
  34. Wave
  35. Relativity


  1. Birdie
  2. Polecat
  3. Nova
  4. Aviar
  5. Classic Aviar
  6. Bullfrog
  7. Colt
  8. Dart
  9. Shark
  10. Cobra
  11. Atlas
  12. Jay
  13. Mako3
  14. Wombat3
  15. Hawkeye
  16. TL
  17. TL3
  18. Valkyrie
  19. Beast
  20. Mystere
  21. Tern
  22. Muse
  23. Praxis
  24. Pathfinder
  25. Envy
  26. Hex
  27. Tenacity
  28. Glitch
  29. Ion
  30. Nomad
  31. Atom
  32. Matrix
  33. Servo
  34. Volt
  35. Blowfly


  1. Animal
  2. Rhyno
  3. Whale
  4. Invader
  5. Aviar3
  6. AviarX3
  7. Pig
  8. Rat
  9. Toro
  10. Roc
  11. Gator
  12. Lion
  13. Roc3
  14. Caiman
  15. Eagle
  16. Teebird
  17. Teebird3
  18. Firebird
  19. Thunderbird
  20. Invictus
  21. Orc
  22. Wraith
  23. XCaliber
  24. Destroyer
  25. Boss
  26. Charger
  27. Ape
  28. Corvette
  29. Firestorm
  30. Colossus
  31. Temple
  32. Votum
  33. Omen
  34. Coalesce
  35. Construct
  36. Synapse
  37. Animus
  38. Fireball
  39. Mayhem
  40. Tantrum
  41. Entropy
  42. Deflector
  43. Resistor
  44. Terra
  45. Photon
  46. Nitro
  47. Energy
  48. Catalyst
  49. Octane
  50. Teleport

I’m actually pretty impressed with this list. We try to have a real smorgasbord of discs to offer folks. 35 understable, 35 neutral, and 50 overstable discs.

If you're interested in learning about any of the discs, search them in our top search bar. If I made a blog full of 120 hyperlinks it would take forever to load, and you'd get annoyed scrolling down and accidentally pressing one with your thumb. So I think just a list is good this time.

We’re always trying to keep up with new disc releases from companies and keep offering folks the same discs that they have become used to throwing. I expect as the years go on we’ll keep adding new discs for folks to try in our collection. A disc golf shop is an ever changing store. We phased Discraft out a year ago because they weren't letting anyone order specific molds. Now that Discraft has allowed that, we're bringing them back! Check back in a few months to see if we've added some of those molds for you to try.

If you read my blog about there being 1500 molds, that was a long time ago and more have been made. Buying each of these discs to try yourself would cost thousands of dollars. And I imagine we all have discs in our garage/attic/car that we don't love throwing. This should help keep costs down and let you find a disc that works for you.

This is a special passion project for me. I think of this as a disc library for folks to check out. While I write blogs about drills to practice, disc golf tips to shave a couple of strokes, and offer beginner form technique. I believe that this is a way  to help shave strokes off of many people's games. 

And helping you lower your scores is my favorite thing I do at SDG.

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397