Disc Golf Things I'd Do If Money Wasn't an Obstacle.

Disc Golf Things I'd Do If Money Wasn't an Obstacle.

Do you ever purchase a lottery ticket and then imagine what you’d spend the money on? A new house, travel the world, make two student loan payments, maybe purchase your own disc golf course? I think about how I would spend the money when I play and the Powerball gets above 400 million dollars. Here are my wildest disc golf, money-is-no-object fantasies.

1. Create a field of baskets. Make the throw across the lake at the USDGC look like tiny.

I’d make a 100x100 baskets square in the middle of the field. So that’s 10,000 baskets, and I’d get the really sweet Axiom Pro HD’s so that’s 1.79 million dollars. Definitely worth it so I couldn’t spit out of the chains.
It’s 26 inch baskets so I could set them next to each other and cover 216x216 feet. Basically ¾ of a soccer field. I’d put the field near a tall hill so that I had to throw about 250 feet down to the baskets and I’d empty a literal ton of discs getting aces. A literal ton of discs would be 5,184 max weight discs. Say I got a good deal on them, 13 dollars apiece. It would be another 68,000 dollars.

The price of this dream: 1.86 Million

2. Create an indoor disc golf course. Sometimes it really is too cold or windy to play outside in Maine.

The general price of an airplane hangar is 50$ per square foot.
But I’d want artificial turf as well, because money is no object. That’s $1.95 per square foot.
There would be 20 buildings. 1 for warming up, 18 to play a hole in, and 1 pro shop. Each building would be different in size, but I think that a 7200 foot course would be reasonable. And each hangar would be 80 feet wide, so you could swing 40 feet right and left. That would be 576,000 square feet of disc golf course. Call it $51.95 per foot with the hangar and turf. The price tag would be 29.93 million dollars for just the holes. And with the pro shop and warm up area it would be another 3.2 million.

The price of this dream: 33 million dollars

3. Disc Golf Shaped Gummies.

This is honestly my best idea. There needs to be someone out there who makes disc golf gummies in the shape of discs, baskets, and logos. They could separate it out too, so that there are Innova packs where you could eat Firebirds, and Discraft Luna’s in other packs.
I found that a gummy bear machine costs 280,000. So let’s say I snag 20 of them.
Some to do molds of discs, others to do baskets and logos. It’s going to cost about 5.6 million dollars. Now I’m sure that I’d need a building, workers, and a Forklift Certified Warehouse Manager with amazing hair and excellent taste in 80’s music named Chris.
With the cost of a warehouse as well… this would be an expensive dream for me to just eat a lot of fruit flavored snacks.

The price of this dream: 7.24 million dollars

4. Make a mosaic of my face with Innova Minis.

This would be the most egotistical thing I’d ever done. You know those portraits that people create with dice? Well this time I’d find a way to do it with minis. It would be quite large and on a wall in my mansion. Say 40 feet high and 40 feet wide? Obviously a border would be included because my head isn’t square. An Innova mini is 3.75 inches in diameter, and with 128 of them I would get exactly 40 feet! So 128 minis tall and 128 minis wide means I’d need to get 16,384 mini discs, and I’d buy the good ones for 1.99 each. That’s a whopping $34,398 dollars after taxes. Then I figure a 40’x40’ sheet of plexiglass so that the minis don’t get hit and I lose an eyebrow. That’s 9 dollars per square foot, and that’s 1600 feet times 9 dollars or $14,400. Throw in another 500 for the glue to stick to the wall.

The price of this dream: 49,298 dollars

5. Play disc golf on the moon!

If you read my blog about disc golf theoretical physics, thank you. I wrote about playing disc golf on the moon and how far you could throw. Now to figure out the cost!
A ticket to the moon on SpaceX is projected to be 35 million dollars. So it’s already the priciest idea yet!
According to Nasa it currently costs about 10,000 dollars per pound to fly something to the moon. I’d go for the Axiom Lite basket this time. Weighing in at 28.6 pounds it would cost 286,000 to bring the basket to the moon. And I’d want to do 10 throws while I’m up there, with max weight discs so they’d fly the best, that’s another 17,500 dollars.

The price of this dream: 35,303,500 dollars

Not being able to physically hit a tree: Priceless.

This is one of my favorite types of blog. I like the opinion pieces, the instructional blogs to help lower everyone's score, and even the ones where we delve into how (I think we could) improve the sport. This is the kind of stuff I talk about in the woods when I’m 2 down through 6 holes and the card isn’t feeling that it’s a super competitive round.

I’ve given you 5 different dreams to think about and discuss with your buddies (or me in the shop). Don’t let me down in the comments section, let me know what your disc golf lottery dream would be, and if you estimate the costs I’d love to hear them.

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397




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