A bucket full of disc golf related items next to a disc golf basket with the setting sun behind it.

Creating A Disc Golf Bucket List

As I pulled out my phone to add to my bucket list, I realized I have more than a handful of disc golf specific items. Maybe instead of adding my wishes that are disc golf related next to “Own a black lab named Genevieve Freebird Streeter.” I should create a separate list, since disc golf is a big part of my life.

For those unfamiliar with the term bucket list, it’s a list of things to do before you “kick the bucket.” While the thought may be morbid, it’s a kind of nice way to organize your plans. What do you put as priorities?

So today I’ll share my disc golf bucket list with you.
Get you to ask some questions about what you want.
And hopefully help you start a list, so that you can achieve your disc golf dreams.

  1. Put something achievable on the list. Get started with something easy. Trust me when I say that crossing something off of your bucket list makes it even more satisfactory. Nothing gets the ball rolling like having one crossed off the list. So maybe it’s a hole you’ve never birdied, maybe it’s a new course you want to play that’s nearby.
  2. Don’t be afraid of what to put on the list, it’s yours. My list is my list, your goals shouldn’t necessarily be the same as your friends. These are fun, personal, and hopefully most of them are achievable. Hitting a 100 foot throw in might be a lifetime highlight for someone, and that belongs on their list.
  3. Think financially about a goal. Maybe something you save up for. So I have for example “Play a round at Milo Mcgiver” on my disc golf bucket list. As I live in Maine it’s going to take me the cost of a plane ticket, lodging, food, and transportation. This is a big bucket list item, it’s going to take significantly more planning than “Play at Maple Hill” which is 2.5 hours away by car. I’d call this an ongoing goal, maybe I save up 10 dollars a week and put it towards the goal.
  4. Is there any player you’d really like to meet? How about meeting Juliana Korver? Maybe taking a picture with Nate Sexton and Big Jerm? If you’re looking to do that you’ll probably want to go to a tournament, or an event they’re holding. Maybe you want to meet a disc golf personality like Terry Miller and learn from him. There’s lots of cool folks, check out their schedule that they usually release on their website. Or check their upcoming events on their PDGA page.
  5. What’s your wildest dream in disc golf? Is it competing in a world championship? Do you want to get an ace on camera? Maybe you want to score par from a gold’s level tee. Maybe your dream is to be an Innova sponsored player. Whatever it is, it’s your dream. So put that big one on the list. It may never be accomplished, but it’s better to put it on the list where you think about it.
  6. Don’t be afraid to amend your list.  Maybe you’re more focused on something else in life. It’s alright to amend, add, and delete things from your list. I find that sometimes I’ve duplicated something on my list because I’ve wanted it separate times. When that happens I know it should be a real goal of mine.

Andrew Streeter #70397’s current disc golf bucket list.

  1. Play a round at Rock Hill (doesn’t have to be during USDGC).
  2. Play a round at Milo Mcgiver.
  3. Win a disc golf tournament in MPO.
  4. Win a disc golf trophy.
  5. Get 50 aces. (Currently at 7)
  6. High five Nate Doss and Val Jenkins.
  7. Ace every hole on the Owl course.
  8. Play disc golf in Germany.
  9. Have Holly Finley sign my 2016 USWDGC card (only missing her signature).
  10. Birdie Hole 17 at Rock Hill.
  11. Make a disc golf highlight video where I throw in from 300’+.
  12. Play Maple Hill Golds with my dad and brother.
  13. Do the USDGC Play in day.
  14. Play all the top 10 ranked UDisc courses.
  15. Witness my dad and brother getting aces.

Bucket list items I’ve already crossed off.

  1. Play Fox Run.
  2. Play Brewster Ridge.
  3. Win at random dubs.
  4. Get an ace.
  5. Attend a DGPT event.
  6. Get an autograph from Paul McBeth.
  7. Get an autograph from Paige Pierce.

As you can see from my list I’d like to meet some pros. There’s a lot of places I’d like to hit up, hopefully I win the lottery so I can travel and get to all of these courses. And there’s some that I can get done in a weekend. Having a good mix of things on your list makes dreaming fun.
Please start or share your disc golf bucket list. I’d love to hear some of yours.

Here’s a start to yours ;)

  1. Go play Sabattus Disc Golf, all three 18 hole courses.

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397