Thought Space Athletics

TSA Nebula Aura Animus "Party-Gra" Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Nebula Aura Animus Party-Gra is a stable to overstable distance driver from Thought Space Athletics. This is one sweet stamp that has those nebula swirls and features a skull with a butterfly on top, along with plants protruding from the open mouth of the skull. In other words, it's wicked cool.

The flight path of the Animus is straight for the first half of the flight, then it has a teensy bit of high speed turn and finally a long slow fade that takes the disc to hyzer out. It's not for the recreational player, and is designed for someone advanced who throws 250+ feet consistently with either the forehand or backhand. This disc is useful when you're looking to get good distance but also have that fade to keep you on the fairway. The Animus excels when it has open fields or in tighter wooded lines when you want to stick to one side of the fairway. While it does have a flatter top it still has plenty of glide, so think about that when you factor your fade into the flight.

Nebula Aura plastic isn't just beautiful, it's a great choice for experienced players, touring pros, and someone who is just starting out. It's a premium blend so you pay a little extra but in return you get a disc with plenty of durability that you can toss for years. It comes in lots of different color and pattern stamps, so make sure you scroll through and find the one you like.

The Nebula Aura Animus is a high performance disc. You'll get just as many compliments about how you throw the disc compared it it's stunning appearance. Snag one of these today.

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Aura Plastic

  • Solid durability
  • Excellent grip
  • Slight flex to the disc